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Fairmead Park, Richmond, Suburban (?) Oil Painting

View from Fairmead Park, Oil on Gessobord, 9x12"
View from Fairmead Park, Oil on board, 9x12"

Sometimes painting in a pretty park with views leads to painting surrounding suburbia (or is it “urbia”?)  instead of the park.  The scene I wanted to paint (a picnic area between big eucalyptus trees) was occupied by teenage boys smoking pot and I decided to leave them alone. I didn’t think they’d appreciate me setting up my easel and staring at them, and they were there first.

Fairmead Park in Richmond is a little, hidden gem of a park. It is almost at the top of a hill with interesting views, the sounds of birds and squirrels, and the wonderful scent of eucalyptus. I got a good start to the painting while I was there and took some photos so I could finish it at home. I tried to focus on values, color and getting the paint down and leaving it alone and I really like the way it turned out.

Here is the photo I used, taken from the edge of the park which goes up the hill behind where I stood:

Fairmead Park photo reference
Fairmead Park photo reference

So is this Suburbia or Urbia — it’s on the edge of a very urban area in the town of San Pablo but it looks pretty suburban, doesn’t it?

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Like Carol C I love the narratives, too. And it’s such fun when you
also include a photo so we can see what you chose to show and
what to leave out.



Thanks Sherry, It’s rare when a photo (that I take) can compare favorably to a painting. Hmmm. Maybe that’s saying something good about my paintings instead of a criticism of my photography skills? Jana


Well, the local police have their hands full with a lot more serious problems and the boys weren’t causing any trouble (for anyone besides themselves that is). Jana


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