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Benicia Meadow and Visitors Center

Benicia Meadow and Train Station, 9x12", Acrylic painting
Benicia Meadow and Visitors Center, 9x12"

The day I painted in this meadow was gorgeous: warm and sunny with the air full of the scents of spring and the sounds of birds, bees and frogs. The plein air painting I did wasn’t worth posting but served as a memory guide, along with my photos for this painting. It is painted with Golden Open Acrylics on a RayMarArt canvas/hardboard panel.

I know I’ve been a bit quiet here lately—just a bit of spring fever and choosing to be outdoors and/or painting,  not at the computer.  (:

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Gorgeous! I love that little tiny piece of water peeking out behind the building…I second Libby–you are using those Golden open acrylics to good effect!


Lovely, Jana. I agree with Carol about the water. It seems to draw my eyes into the picture–it’s a cool and lighted place between the colorful hills in the distance and the colorful growth, nearest to us.


Oh, Jana, this is so lovely. Just beautiful! I really like how you’ve shown that wonderful contrast of the trees against the background. Yum! And the foreground is scrumptious with all that color.


Great forground! Dreamy background hills. I am liking the Open acrylic work you are doing!


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