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Sketchcrawl 22: Colusa Circle, Kensington/El Cerrito, CA

Colusa Market, Kensington, Ink & watercolor
Colusa Market, Kensington, Ink & watercolor

Today was International Sketchcrawl 22Martha had a morning event to attend so instead of joining the San Francisco group we met at 2:00 and sketched around the Colusa Circle in Kensington/El Cerrito. The sketch above is of my favorite grocery store, Colusa Market. Their produce is always fresh and delicious.

After a visit to pet the bunnies at Rabbit Ears, a pet store specializing in rabbits, and taking a peek into the Kensington Circus Pub (which was closed but would have been fun to sketch in) we took a hike through the nearby Sunset View Cemetery. I’ve painted there before and love the hilltop bay views and peaceful surroundings.

Sunset Cemetery, ink & watercolor
Sunset Cemetery, ink & watercolor

The fog rolled in and what had been a hot day turned chilly. Martha was cold and my butt fell asleep from sitting on a cement block so we headed back down to our cars. It was after 5:00 and time to say good bye. Not an all-day sketchcrawl this time but a good afternoon with excellent company on a beautiful day.

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Sunset Cemetery! What a fine name. Reminds me of some of those old people’s homes with names about looking into the sunset etc. Now if you sketched that site at midnight, mmmm. that would be a different scene, like Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil… but I don’t think you are into that kind of fantasy Jana….you are too bright and cheerful. Teenagers are more into that kind of darkness – certainly in the books they read.


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