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Pomegranate on Velvety Scarf

Oil painting on panel, 6x8"
Oil painting on panel, 6x8"

I am not a party girl. I much prefer my time with friends spent one on one. But today I was scheduled to go to two parties. I was supposed to be at a housewarming party in San Francisco anytime from 11-3 and then at my son’s housewarming party in Pinole from 3-6.

One thing after another delayed my departure, including my own procrastination (and ambivalence since I also wanted time to paint). Finally I was showered, dressed, face made up, the gift wrapped and I was ready to leave when my son arrived at the door.

I loaned him the folding table he needed for his housewarming party and gave him some advice about his achey back. Then I packed up all my junk for the party and the hike and sketching I planned to do in Golden Gate Park after I left the first party. (The latter being completely unrealistic time-wise, but I have only the slenderest hold on the reality of time.)

Walking out the door I looked at my watch and realized it was already 2:00. My GPS unit in my car said I would arrive at my destination at 2:30. I figured showing up for half an hour was better than missing it entirely and I took off. The traffic on I-80 slowed to a crawl and my GPS started showing more and more traffic delays. After driving for about 15 minutes and still not reaching the Bay Bridge, the arrival time had changed from 2:30 to 2:56, 4 minutes before the party was to end. I gave up, got off the freeway and went home.

That left me an hour to finish this little painting I started last week. Fortunately the Pomegranate held up for the week and if anything, got a little more character in its lumps and bumps.

But now I’m late getting ready for my son’s party. Fortunately my clothes are ready to put on, and I already gave him a housewarming gift, so I can just get dressed and walk out the door.

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Suzanne, I like the idea that it looks seductive. I hadn’t thought of
that since I noticed its little crown and was thinking of it as a
little round queen. Anyway, thanks for the comment. It’s nice when a
painting creates a feeling like that. I once commented that Dee Farnsworth’s
painting of corn looked lonely and desolate. (It was titled Last of Summer Corn.) Jana


hmmm… i know that corn painting.
How funny that I’m the next to comment.
This pomegranite is great! If I had to pick some adjectives, I would say it looked rich and royal (and full of antioxidants).


Thanks Dee. There’s this weird thing that happens to me — whenever I
talk about someone, whether good or bad, they show up. So there I was
talking (virtually) behind your back and so of course you showed up! I
didn’t have the time, when I wrote that earlier comment about the corn
painting to include a link, but I just added one to your
painting, along with its proper title and your name instead of “an
artist”. And thanks for your kind words about the pom. I’m looking
forward to cutting it open tomorrow, eating a bit and painting the
rest! Jana


I really love those beautiful fall colors. Normally I’m not so happy to see fall arrive, only because it’s the precursor to winter (which I loathe, detest and abhor). But this makes me feel all warm and sunny and golden somehow. I smiled just to see it. And by the way, don’t worry about the time. You were doing what you were supposed to be doing and at the right moment.


The velvety quality of both the scarf and the pomegranate is luscious, (I want to pet both of them.) but the perkiness of the crown gives it lightness and liveliness – like its not taking its royalty so seriously. . .

Time! What an artificial construct.


Not about the painting. Hey, you are doing too much partying hither and thither!! Yes, I like one to one person conversation not chaos of parties and noise and trivia. Life overwhelms us at times with calls on our time. Good luck with your juggling of time between social responsibilities and your own time to think and create.


You’re reminding me of me. I dread parties — dread them — even when they’re given by people I love and I know everyone there! And boy can I procrastinate going anywhere.

Every pomegranate deserves a velvet scarf — it’s one of my favorite fruits. Lovely!


Hey Barbara, So glad to know I’m not alone in this non-love of parties. I
always feel like I *should* like them, but except for a few special ones,
like the recent birthday surprise party thrown by my dear neighbors I’d
really rather meet with people one on one. Anyway, thanks for your note. I
guess THIS is the kind of party I like best!


Dear Jana thank you so much for your inspiring and generous blog.You bring happiness into our lives .I wish you A very Happy New Year


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