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Inspired by El Cerrito Recycling Center

(Not) El Cerrito Recycling Center, oil on panel, 12x9"
(Not) El Cerrito Recycling Center, oil on panel, 12x9"

Despite the light fixture over my easel getting blinky and unusable and then climbing on a step stool to try to fix it and throwing my back out and then having to clip on a couple of lamps whose bulb color is too pink, I was determined to make an attempt at this painting. I gave myself two hours and got it done.

The painting is inspired by the view of the hills behind the El Cerrito Recyclying Center on a slightly foggy morning last week. I was attracted to the turquoise color I saw in the rocky hills so that was my focus. I deleted parked cars and the Goodwill truck and let the road continue on into the hills instead of ending at a dead end.  I let myself just play around and not try to get it exact.

Now I’m going to take something strong for my back and go to bed. I have lots more painting planned for Sunday and Monday so I’m hoping my back will cooperate after some rest.

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