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Jessica Cooking

Jessica cooking, ink & watercolor, 8x6"
Jessica Cooking, ink & watercolor, 8x6"

I had a wonderful evening at my son Cody’s house, painting and drawing with his stepdaughter Mariah, and enjoying the delicious food his partner Jessica, cooked for us. They just moved into their first house, and did an amazing job at remodeling in a very short time, replacing floors, painting walls, completely remodeling a bathroom, and making their house a lovely home.

I brought over a set of watercolors, a set of acrylics and a sketchbook for Mariah and she couldn’t wait to get started. I wish I’d thought to take photos of the drawing she did of me and the one I did of her while Jessica cooked.

Mariah is an incredibly talented artist, with an innate sense of design and skill at drawing way beyond her young age (she’s a 4th grader). She manages to capture so much personality in her drawings. I have one she did of my sister and me on my bulletin board at work and I love to look at it.

We decided after dinner that that she should call me “Granny Jannie” — which made us all laugh and made me quite happy.