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Modeling and Painting Each Other

Jana by Susie Gallagher (with imagined beach embellishments) watercolor, 1/4 sheet

When my painting group met tonight we took turns modeling for each other. I put on an old bikini that I hadn’t worn in at least 15 years (and even then only to sun bathe in my own backyard).

I loved the paintings everyone did of me (above and below). It was so relaxing to pretend that I was lying on the beach (though I was really on my comfy studio window seat with a light shining on me).

From top left, clockwise, watercolors of Jana by Sharon, Judith and Lea

We set a timer for 20 minutes for each pose and listened to podcasts of PRI’s Selected Shorts. The short stories were well written and amusing and made the time pass quickly for the models. We listened to David Mean’s “The Secret Goldfish” read by Charles Keating, and “In Vino, Veritas” by Roald Dahl.

Since the other two members who modeled tonight got partially naked, I won’t say who painted or posed for the following except to say I did the pencil sketch in the middle (the rest of mine were rubbish).

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Another terrific idea to model for each other – quite brave, but all being artists themselves will understand that everyone will be just trying to get that shadow on the knee just so, and not looking critically at any one bit of the bod!


Thanks everyone. And yes, Casey, Susie made me feel beautiful in her very kind interpretation of me in the bikini.

Thank goodness it wasn’t a photo!!!!


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