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OK, Now I’m really done!

Sibley Finally Done!
Sibley Finally Done! Oil on Panel, 12x9"

I’m persistent if nothing else. Now I’m really moving on!

Update 9/15: Katherine posted a really helpful comment yesterday about the real problem with this painting, which is that putting a wall (or any “fringe” at the bottom of a painting) is generally does not make for good composition. She helped me to see that the real problem with the painting is the existence of the wall at the bottom which can’t be solved by painting or repainting the wall.

She asked whether I’d done compositional/value study thumbnails first. I did do one but should have done more than one, with and without the wall. In the original thumbnail, the front of the wall and the two trees were the darkest darks but when I painted it that way it looked wrong.

I’m so grateful for our wonderful international art group with so many brilliant artists who can I ask for help and who are so generous to share their wisdom!

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You certainly are persistent! I like both 2 and 3 but if I MUST choose, I still prefer version 2, mainly because the darker tones at the bottom of the picture seem to balance better with the rest and I also like the slightly clearer separation between the distant mountains. But that’s just me.


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