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Don’t Get Old and Confused — Get a Clue

Get a Clue Necklace (detail); click images to enlarge
Get a Clue Necklace (detail); click to enlarge

Memories! Everyone I know is losing theirs including me. Ater repeatedly walking into a room and then forgetting why I’d gone in there, it occurred to me that if I carried clues with me, I’d save lots of time and extra steps.

So I invented the “Get a Clue Necklace” complete with a key ring, a tiny flashlight, sticky notes to jot down reminders, an attractive small pen to write them with, a magnifying glass for small print, an optional “My name is…” tag with a reverse side note “If found return to…” should I ever get REALLY forgetful, and a little pill box for those vitamins I always forget to take.

Below is the full page which you can click to see bigger to read some of the funny quotes about aging, as well as my list of the pros and cons of aging back when I made this.

Get a Clue Necklace; 12x9", mixed media
Get a Clue Necklace; Mixed Media, 12x9" (click to enlarge)

Here are a few of the choice quotes from the piece:

Gloria Steinem:

I’m at the age when remembering something right away is as good as an orgasm.

Whenever I meet a woman over 55 who’s just fallen in love, I always ask, “Are you taking hormones?” I tell her, “If it turns out you’re in love in a way that’s not good for you, stop taking them.”
[Addendum: Gloria Steinem, the feminist icon who once dismissed marriage as an institution that destroys relationships, became a first-time bride at the age of 66, a few years after that quote was printed.]

Peg Bracken, 81 at the time this quote was printed, said:

“These are your declining years and you can jolly well decline to do what you don’t feel like doing!”

Right on Peg, wherever you are now!

P.S. When I saw Illustration Friday’s prompt this week was “Memories” I had to share this, even though it’s from my journal several years ago.

And one more Pro to add to the Pros and Cons of aging is that when your memory goes, everything old becomes new again. Stories and jokes you’ve heard (or told) before sound vaguely familiar but since you can’t remember the punchlines, they’re good for a whole new round of laughter.

9 replies on “Don’t Get Old and Confused — Get a Clue”

Perfect, Jana. I need one right now, but with my farsighted
eyes, maybe a bracelet that will give me the distance or a very
lo-ong necklace. It would have made my life much easier if I had had one at least 50 years ago.
And I agree– Right on, Peg Bracken!


LOL – Boy, do I need one of those necklaces – am beginning to see some of the pros at last after feeling slightly panicked about contemplating the cons as they become reality – the best is feeling free to decline, go Peg!!


LOL….thanks for making me laugh…i’ve also officially turned green…with envy….your studio looks fab. Love your piece Roses in a bottle.

All the best to you!



Hilarious, Jana! Please put me down for one necklace-oh, make that two, in case I forget where I put the first one!
(And I think Peg Bracken should be at the least, beatified!)


Hi Jana – why didn’t *I* think about such a thing – probably because I am well beyond the – what did I want to say????
This is absolutely hilarious, Jana, I couldn’t stop laughing about this and nearly woke my parter who was already sleeping.
Reserve one necklace for me – will ya?
Thank you for sharing this!!!
Greetings, Petra


Today is my 60th birthday and I’m going to pretend this is about me. I’m celebrating by helping my 92 year old mother move into an apartment.


Happy Birthday Jana! love the quotes – LOL at the “declining years” one. I hit 50 this year, but can I start declining now : ))?!
This necklace would also come in handy! : )))


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