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Roses & a freshly cleaned house

Rosy Glow

I gave myself the pre-birthday gift of a professional house cleaning today, by the most fabulous house cleaner in the universe. She cleans things that have never even occurred to me to clean, and when she’s done the house seems to sigh and say “Thanks, I needed that!”

When I walked in the door this evening there was a palpable feeling of clean and everything seemed to glow. These roses from my garden were perched on the dining room table, adding to the feeling of fresh and sweet.

Having my house cleaned is a special treat for me; a gift I give I’ve recently started giving myself twice a year, for my birthday and for New Years. Those are both times of reflection and renewal for me so it seems fitting to create an environment that is also renewed and has a sense of space and possibility.

About the painting:
Drawn with brown ink on 8×6″ hot pressed watercolor paper in handmade sketchbook; painted with watercolor plus a little Chinese White added at the very end to soften the table top color.

9 replies on “Roses & a freshly cleaned house”

Very very pretty painting, I admire it greatly. I’m easing my way back into drawing/sketching and plan to explore watercolours and acrylics, so I love being inspired by other artists.

Congrats on the sparkly clean house! I could use one of those. πŸ™‚


It’s a wonderful idea, Jana, and maybe I should do the same, but I’ve allowed our house to get into such a dreadful muddle I’d be embarassed to ask someone to fix it!

Believe me, I felt the same way too but after the first time I was sold and quickly got over it. Though I do admit to tidying up and putting things away first so that she can spend her time doing the actual cleaning without having to move junk. ~Jana


Good for you, Jana! Does this cleaning person travel??? πŸ™‚

‘Fraid not, unless you live in the Bay Area. But I bet she’d even be worth the plane fare! ~Jana


Early happy birthday, dear Jana! This is an exquisite and joyous painting! It’s causing a strong synesthesia in me—I’m smelling a favorite rose and citrus perfume of mine (Rosine’s Un Zeste de Rose), while I look at it. I hope we can meet up in Monterey sometime—if my daughter ends up in graduate school there, that is.


I love the idea of a cleaning lady on your birthday and New Year’s. I might have to pick another day to space the cleanings out more. My birthday is in October – of course it could be before and after Christmas cleanings. Lovely watercolor roses!


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