Honeydew melon in Oil

Oil on Raymar Panel, 9×12″ (larger)

I’ve been working on this painting in dribs and drabs between being sick and plein air painting all day Sunday and Monday. This poor melon wasn’t going to hang in there much longer and I’m back to work tomorrow. So tonight I gave myself an hour to finish it and I’ve called it done. It’s not great but it (and I) had a few nice moments in the process.

Now I have clean up and get ready for the work week. Next time I’ll post the great stuff I learned in class this weekend, including a color study I did today and a cheat sheet/checklist I’ve made for myself to follow while I prepare for and execute (a weird word) a painting. But not tonight because I’m off for a good night’s sleep for a change!

Oil Painting, Painting, Still Life

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  1. I like the colors in this. Sometimes good enough and little learning is the best we can ask from some one on one time with a subject.

    I’ve “executed” quite a few paintings, literally; now if I can just grasp the figurative meaning and do that instead….


  2. Some very pretty color’s like Tami said.
    I’m looking forward to the color study you did and the cheat sheet/checklist you made for myself while you paint. I also have done the cheat sheet… well I wrote mine on index cards. For now that’s how I will remember … the only way it seems that I will remember!


  3. Hi, I found your blog today on a link from a link from a link from somewhere else (strange how that happens!). Anyways….

    Your blog caught my eye because my name (until I married and changed it a few years ago) is Jana Bouck. I’ve never met anyone with a name so similar to mine. So I just had to leave a quick comment and say ‘hi!’ and good luck with your creative endeavors, Jana. 🙂


  4. Lovely light fresh colours and I love the warm background – this puts me in the mood for summer!


  5. Hi jana:

    I like the high key look and the soft feel to this one. Great background, and the nice fresh look of the bowl and melon make this one a success. I’m also excited to see your leanring report.


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