Twist; EDM Something Yellow

Watercolor in Moleskine large watercolor sketchbook

This week’s Illustration Friday challenge is “Twist” — there’s nothing like a nice twist of lemon in a glass of ice water (or in something more exciting, like a lemon drop martini, which I’m sure sounds better than it tastes, since I’m not a fan of martinis). And last week’s Everyday Matters challenge was to draw something yellow…so there you go.

I did this watercolor sketch yesterday but when I scanned it, my monitor display was driving me crazy. No matter what I did in Photoshop I couldn’t get an image that looked anything like the original. I tried again and again to calibrate my monitor using Adobe Gamma but just couldn’t get it right. I finally gave up around midnight, vowing to resolve the problem today one way or another.

Today I went to a great photography store in Berkeley, Looking Glass Photo. They rent and sell everything you need for digital or film photography and they’re staffed by experts who are generous with their knowledge. Initially I was going to rent a fancy set of calibration tools but a handsome, Buddha-like man named Paul (a customer who used to work there) steered me towards buying a simpler unit for not much more money than it would have cost to rent the unnecessarily fancy tools for just one day. I bought the Gretagmacbeth Eye-One Display 2 which looks like a small regular computer mouse.

I waited until it got dark out, turned on my full spectrum overhead lights only and then hung the little device over my monitor. I tried the automatic calibration which was OK, and then I tried the more detailed program, which I think did a better job. When it finished, I scanned my little lemon twist and amazingly it appeared on my screen just like the original. I have no idea how it will look on your screen, but at last, after all the changes in my studio, my monitor, scanner and printer are all working together again. Whoopee! Now I can get back to painting instead of messing with computer stuff!

P.S. If this looks washed out or too bright on your monitor, please let me know.

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  1. Hey Jana! From one citrus twister to another! Very beautiful painting. Love the vibrancy of your colors and the shadows. Oh how I wish I could do that.:)

  2. Jana, love this one! Makes me want a drink.:-)

  3. WOW! It’s FABULOUS, Jana! My screen shows it as freshly yellow — but not garish — with a delicious blue and yellow washy puddle of shadow — I THINK it looks like the original (should/would/) MUST look — it’s terrific! But moses, what a job! So glad you found a way to get it done and can back to the work you love!

  4. I love the colors here! Well done!

  5. I looks great, a refreshingly lovely illo:)

  6. Absolutely beautiful!!

  7. I work off a toshiba laptop and on my monitor it looks pretty darn good…not too bright nor too dull and I too can see all the interplay of color….and makes me want to drink as well….but it’s still a bit early Sunday morning!

  8. Very clever way to combine the two challenges, Jana! I have a super little monitor and it looks great. My own calibration problems actually have more to with light reflection ~ something a scanner can’t duplicate.

  9. A very good interpretration of BOTH themes! The colours are just amazing. This is SO you.

  10. It looks fabulous on my screen! I love the way you combined the two challenges into somthing so fresh and creative.

  11. This looks great from here! Very citrusy and fresh, beautiful take on a combined challenge.

  12. The colour looks great on my screen, Jana. Beautifully done ~

  13. It looks just beautiful to me – and I have to say I am so jealous of your calibration tool. Everyone always talks about how blues never scan right but I have the worst time trying to get yellows consistant from one application to the next. I have looked at the devices you talked about but they are all so expensive – you’re drawing makes me think it is probably worth it.

    Oh! And what a great drawing it is by the way! Great color and I love the zig zaggy shadow.

  14. Pure and beautiful, I love it!

  15. Oh, the glorious blueandyellow shadow!!!Watercolor doesn’t get much better than this.

  16. I love this one. It’s just so….real!

  17. I love this. Superb!

  18. Its beautiful Jana. Funny though, I am so picky about color in my illustrations that I am seldom satisfied with the final prints.

    I love the colors, the design and the texture.

  19. This is really beautiful, Jana. It looks wonderful on my monitor. The blue shadow is a touch of genius.

  20. lovely piece, Jana!

  21. I guess all that futzing around with Photoshop is working out for you. Your Twist sure looks good on my screen!

  22. This is beautiful! I have calibration problems, but they mostly have to do with my printer, me thinks. Glad you’ve fixed yours and can get back to creating and wowing us all. :-)

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