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Still Dreaming…


Dreamt I was at the movies with my blind husband (don’t have one) and another blind man and they were showing off by walking from side to side on the stage being tricky and funny.


Dreamt I created a company called “Subsidiary” that makes devices to make shoulders more comfortable while sleeping.


Dreamt Cody was a kid again and a funny old grandpa was in the kitchen showing him how to eat cereal from those little fold-open cereal boxes.


Dreamt my mom wanted to come live with me but I remembered I had a husband I had to ask first. Then I remembered I wasn’t married anymore but had a roommate (a former friend I don’t see anymore). I asked if she minded and she said she’d inherited a fortune and was going to be buying houses for 13 friends and I wasn’t one of them. Mom was sorting through papers in an envelope marked “Dec 06” that she’d found in her piles of junk stacked around her on her bed.

These are all drawn in ink in my sketchbook, then scanned and colored in Painter.

10 replies on “Still Dreaming…”

I love these Jana, keep them coming! You must have a really great imagination! Actually, you were the first person I thought of this morning when I woke up from a strange dream – David Bowie lived in my street but he was complaining (by e-mail I think) that the light at his end wasn’t so good!


More wonderful dream drawings! I love the nightgown one especially (colors, cropping, the fabulous yellow “device”!), the blind moviegoers are hilarious, and Cody is really funny!


I love that device that makes shoulders more comfortable while sleeping — get a patent on it!. We’ll all buy one, I betcha.


Jana, I ‘m still laughing hear on your Dreams drawings they are just a peice of sunshine for my day I need. There so funny!!!!!
Thank -you,


These are so amazing. I love them all. I don’t think the shoulder invention will work but when you’ve developed a better version, I want one too. – not being one of 13 friends! you’ll have to appear at the house warming like sleeping beauty’s nasty godmother!


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