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Dreams Illustrated


Dreamt I started a Japanese all-girl band as a way to promote a baseball team.


Dreamt I invented a combination yoga mat/lawn chair. In the same dream something was tickling me and it was big banner that said “Big Banner” tucked behind my pillow.


Dreamt there was an old lady who kept coming to my door every month trying to sell me food made from cabbage like coleslaw and kimchee. She always carried one worn out old brochure for the American Cancer Society, and the money she made from cabbage was supposedly donated to them. I was skeptical so I visited the ACS and was given a tour. (see next)


(immediately above) They had a room where they helped people quit smoking by letting them smoke one last cigarette. The woman showing me around sat on a weight bench while smoking a cigarette and suddenly fell asleep and fell on the floor. Later (above previous) all the employees were having a party and were all happily smoking marijuana.


Dreamt there was a horse pulling a cart with a horse in it and another horse behind that and they all turned out to be fraternity guys wearing horse suits.


The best part of remembering my dreams is discovering the goofy stuff my mind cooks up when I’m not looking.

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It’s fascinating isn’t it? Now why would you put a Japanese girl band together?? Why not spanish, or dutch? The other night I dreamt someone told me to put a load of feathers in my mouth – so I did! Yuck.

Re: IF – yes verbs! Submit some please Jana!


😀 Again … these are hilarious! I love peeking into your subconscious like this, and can’t imagine how you are able to remember your dreams so well!


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