4/14/07 In bed in a hotel where the roof was leaking through the chandelier and in the closet so the hotel staff came in and hung a blue tarp over the chandelier.
Today’s post are the little drawings I do each morning upon awakening of my dreams the night before. These are all from the past week. I draw them in what I call my AM/PM notebook (a square Handbook Journal Co. notebook that I write/draw in each AM & PM) using a Liquid Expresso pen. I bought three of these notebooks and a bunch of these pens and don’t much like them but for morning scribbling they’re fine. The ink dissolves if it gets wet which I forgot when I colored these tonight with water-soluable colored pencil and then couldn’t wet them without the ink running.


4/15/07 Marcy and I were in Santa Cruz jogging along a path by the beach. She got ahead of me and I kept calling, “Wait up!” but she got ahead of me and disappeared and I was all alone.


4/16/07 (The night before the Virginia Tech shootings) Dreamt a gunman came into my office and at gunpoint demanded I type some names into the database. People kept coming into my office and I mouthed “Call 911” so they did but the police were idiots and the gunman got away.


4/18/07 I thought a bad guy had broken into the house but it turned out to be the boyfriend of a Swedish roommate (don’t have one) and the jingling noise I heard was his ID tags on a chain around his neck. When I went in the bathroom the sink was full of little cubes of his shaving cream which I threw in the trash and then discovered it wasn’t the trash but was my roommates clean laundry which I’d now messed up.


4/19/07 (a super busy dreaming night!)

1. At a Japanese restaurant with a pool running through it that the waitresses walked back and forth in to serve food with their skirts pinned up in their waistbands.

2. Giving a talk in a high school class about why students shouldn’t smoke marijuana before school.

3. Riding my bike side-saddle carrying a boy from the class who was a friend of my son.

4. A bunch of Brian’s friends in an old car pull up in my driveway to spend the day hanging out in their car while I’m cleaning house.

5 . (below) I’m trying to get home and wander into a Siddha Yoga retreat center where they’ve just locked all the doors and they won’t let me leave while they’re doing their chanting.

6. (below) I’m still trying to get home and walk through a little boutique but the only way out is to climb up a shelf and go through an opening in it but my feet are too big to fit on the shelf/steps.

7. (below) Still trying to get home…there’s two high chain-link fences I have to get over. I literally fly over the first one and lose momentum and have to climb over the second one.


1. I meet a cute guy at a Catholic church where I’m sketching in a back pew.

1B (above #2) I invite the guy home for dinner but then he turns up his nose at my spaghetti made from a jar and complains about the cat hair on my table cloth.

2. Cody has a funny robot thingee that makes me laugh hysterically. Then he’s selling my supplies of toilet paper and other stuff from Costco that I keep on a shelf in the garage to a friend of his. I spent a lot of time laughing in my sleep last night.

If you’re still here reading this (amazing enough in itself!) I’d love to know:
(1) whether you find the dream explanations of interest or if I should just post the drawings (or neither); and
(2) whether my dream explanations feel like “TMI” … too much information…too revealing or personal, even though I leave out WAY more than I share here.

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  1. Well, actually Jana, I am intrigued by dreams and find myself wishing for more information here–like more details of the dreams, and also I’d really love to hear your interpretations of them, too. I read a book on dreams which said that we ourselves are the best interpretors of our dreams since we know more about what is going on in us and our lives than anybody else.
    The sketches are great, by the way. How do you have that kind of time in the morning to do them??


  2. Thanks Kathleen. I’m delighted by your response. Sometimes other people’s dreams can be a huge bore though. If I put more information though I’m afraid I would either bore people or sound like a nut– they’re weird enough without the details.

    Most of my dreams do relate to something in real life or feelings I’m dealing with. I agree that given a little reflection, we are our own best dream interpreters. Sometimes it’s really funny when I realize what they’re about and how obvious they suddenly seem.


  3. I found this fascinating – and very funny too! Like the guys spending the day in the car! I’m sure they reveal a lot about you and your true feelings – I have dreams like that that reveal to me feelings I have tried hiding from myself so I can imagine that some of these could even be quite painful or surprising to you. I wondered about your relationship with Marcy for instance.
    I have dreams that are bizarre/funny and it does amaze me how my brain can come up with these ideas but even so, I don’t have nearly as many as you in one night! Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed this post!


  4. Sorry – to answer your questions – I like the explanations, I don’t think it would be the same without. You will know yourself, I’m sure, how much you want to reveal but I wouldn’t say these were TMI.


  5. very interesting, and a really good idea to sketch the dreams, i should do the same, i always dream i’m being chased by a large strawberry around fictional versions of london. I always get away, but it’s close all the same.

    Hey i noticed that a couple of the characters are redheads, actually the gunman looks like a bit me without my glasses, probably just as well, i’m sure i wouldn’t be able to shoot straight without my glasses on. I wouldn’t dress like that though.


  6. I am delighted by your dream illustrations and comments ,(probably because I do the very same thing!) and I do hope you will continue them. I believe dreams are exciting, legitimate and overlooked source of subject matter, and they fascinate me!
    Your “Precognition” dream of the threatening gunmen before the Va massacre was interesting to me too. I have had dreams that seem to foreshadow events (I’m a total skeptic, I attribute it all to subliminal messages subconsciously interpreted, or plain coincidence. But still…)

    Again, please do continue the dream illustrations and comments.



  7. I loved seeing and resding sbout your dreams.I keep meaning to start something like this. My dreams are so detailed that I feel I’ve been watching a movie.

    Ilook forward to more of yours, any evel of detail you like.


  8. Hi Jana — these are great. I love the pictures and the explanations, wouldn’t be the same without the written notes. Definitely not TMI. I’ve often written dreams down, but rarely illustrated them. This is a sublime idea, very inspirational. And they’re a nice visual counterpoint to your paintings (I love the irises and cactus paintings, just fantastic!).


  9. I think this is great — I like the explanations AND the drawings. The cubes of shaving cream won’t leave my mind … nor with the Japanese waitresses with their skirts pinned into their waistbands (?) …


  10. Jana, I enjoy reading your dreams. I think you give just the right amount of info. I can never remember my dreams so I have to wonder if i do dream. I must have a boring life. yours is interesting.


  11. I love the little drawings, but the explanations are the key to *really* enjoying them! It’s certainly a snore to have someone recount a dream of theirs in great detail, but you give us just the right amount of explanation.

    I have tried keeping a visual dream diary, and find that the more I do it, the better my dream recall becomes. Can’t really do it these days, though – now that my morning starts with my baby girl calling for me. 🙂 Maybe I’ll get back to it at some point.


  12. What a great idea – I’ve kept a dream diary before, but hadn’t thought to include drawings. I love your descriptions of your dreams – you make them sound like so much fun! I hope to have some interesting dreams soon so I can draw mine!


  13. I think keeping a dream diary in this particular way – with drawings – is a wonderful idea. So many times you can’t remember what on earth the dream was about unless you can remember the image.

    I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to share mine. Mind you i don’t think I have anywhere near as many as yours – or maybe I forget mine because i don’t record them and therefore don’t think I’ve had them?

    That one the night before Virginia Tech is a bit unnerving though………


  14. Thanks everyone for the reassurance. A friend told me she gets squeamish when people reveal too much of themselves on their blogs so I try to be careful.

    I remember my dreams by staying in that half awake state before I open my eyes, trying to recall them and then quickly jotting them on a notepad. If I get up before I do that they’re gone.


  15. I find the drawings and descriptions charming, and reassuring. I often have similarly vivid dreams; lately the main message in mine has been pretty easy to interpret–“Slow down, you’re trying to do too much!” The continued theme in yours of trying to get home resonates with me. Thank-you for sharing.


  16. I love these too – with the short notes – I find them quirky and amusing, though, sometimes they may prompt more serious/reflective musings. I never remember my dreams


  17. Your dreams and your drawings are so much fun
    to read. I think it’s great to post them, and to see
    if any of them relate to another. Anyway, I am so
    glad that you are sharing them.


  18. This is 5 years after you wrote this.
    I hope you still check and update this.
    I liked it.
    I’m going to start doing this myself.


    • Yes, I do still read Comments and update my blog. Thanks for your kind words and the reminder about drawing dreams. I want to start doing that again! Jana


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