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The Impressionists – Great DVD!

watching The Impressionists

Ink line and wash in Moleskine large watercolor notebook
(To enlarge, click image, select All Sizes)

While I was out doing errands today I stopped at Silver Screen, my local video shop, and found this wonderful, new BBC mini-series, The Impressionists, about Monet (and Manet, Renoir, Degas, Bazille and others). The story ties right in to the biography of Matisse I’m (still) reading (interspersed with several other books) and am now inspired to finish it.

The visuals in the movie are fabulous. One sees the images, places, and light that inspired the paintings and then sees the paintings being painted and finished. Monet as an old man in 1920 is telling the story of the Impressionists and his life as an artist to a journalist. Through flashbacks we see the stories take place, acted by the most divinely beautiful young men and women.

The scene I sketched above is at the point where the not-yet-named Impressionists decide to hold their own show because none of them can get their paintings accepted into the official, state-sponsored “salon”– just about the only venue for sales of paintings and they’re all desperately poor.

Here’s the DVD cover:

The Impressionists - great DVD!

I’m so tired tonight from from three nights of semi-insomnia that I didn’t think I’d do any drawing. But while I didn’t want to stop the film, I got so inspired watching it I had to stop and draw and paint something! Tomorrow’s my last day of work for the week and then I have another 5-day weekend so hopefully my ability to sleep and hence my energy will return.

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Jana! This is FANTABULOUS! Love the shadings you achieved with the ink! WOWZA! Wish I could be a fly on your shoulder ……!!!

Hope you get some rest! I too haven’t been sleeping, but last night had 1/4 glass wine and that knocked me out for 8 hours ….! Sure felt good to really SLEEP! Hope you can get some rest, Jana!


Jana, you are SO amazing!! I never know what I’ll find when I visit your blog–so many different mediums, so many new things you’ve tried! Your work makes me happy.


That sounds fantastic! I didn’t know such a movie existed. I’m going to add it to my netflix queue ASAP.

And regarding this piece, it’s wonderful. The sleeves on the gentleman all the way to the right are perfection.


love this little sketch from the movie, now i really wanna rent the movie and watch it, it sounds lovely…i just love reading about artists and watching shows about their work too.


thanks for the “review” of the DVD, Jana. I’m going to ask my local video man to get it for me.And before then I’m going to get out my lovely book about Monet’s house at Giverny.


Jana, I saw this series when it was shown on the BBC a little while ago. We are very lucky in the UK to have probably the best broadcasting channel in the world. I adore this picture of yours. It’s amazing – so atmospheric. The black and white works perfectly with the subject.I love the way you’ve lit the table, just great. Do you have a favourite Impressionist? Although he was on the fringe of that group my favourite has always been Cezanne. What about you?


Jana, this is a series that I think I am going to have to track down. Love the beginnings of things understanding all the thinking, struggles and hard work that goes before us; makes me appreciate where we are even more. I felt like that with photography too, had to get to know the masters…Your sketch is just beautiful. Black and white was such a perfect choice.


Happy New Year Jana, I know we arnt quite there yet but I may not have time to get onto the computer much in the next few days, family is about to descend I think.
Love your different uses of media, must look for the dvd sounds interesting, your monotints are fantastic, love the colours.


I agree with all the above. I love the picture. It just draws you in immediately, and makes you want to listen in on their conversation. I’m going to hit the video store….as soon as I get dressed..


Hmmm….Andrea asked about my favorite Impressionist…It would have to be Manet. His “Boating Party” is the most amazing painting I’ve ever had the privilege to see. I also like Monet of course, and also Matisse and Bonnard but I’m not sure they were really Impressionists.


Just found your website via Toni! Love it. Thanks for that info on the impressionists. I’m going out and searching for it today!

YOur sketch is wonderful. I love to do those watery quick washes as well.


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