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Figure Drawing Group Tonight

Figure drawing group 1

Pencil in 14×17″ sketchbook

Figure Drawing Group 3

Sketched with watercolor then ink and watercolor washes added. In 9×12 Aquabee sketchbook

Figure drawing group 2

Ink (Pentel brush pen) with water added to make washes in 14×17″ sketchbook

Friday nights there’s a figure drawing group open to the public that meets on the U.C. Berkeley campus. It’s a great deal– $4.00 for 3 hours and excellent models. Our plans to go were on and off and then suddenly on again so we arrived a little late. This model really knew how to pose in interesting ways and was quite beautiful (my pictures don’t do her justice). I experimented with sketching in pencil, in ink, and watercolor with ink added afterwards. It was all fun and challenging. I saw a man there who was a regular in this same group when I used to go 20 years ago. His charcoal sketches are still phenomenal.

The whole time we were drawing we could hear people chanting, yelling and clapping nearby. I found out afterwards there was a huge pep rally going on because tomorrow is the “Big Game” between Cal (public university) and their arch rivals, Stanford (private, pricey university). When we left we saw the band playing and marching from campus up Bancroft and into a building across the street.

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These are beautiful. I particularly like the top one which reminds me of Modigliani. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a life drawing class with a beautiful young female model *sigh*. The one I went to last year seemed to mainly have old male models.


This model has an elegance that is very unique and you captured it very well in the first pencil sketch. I love the fineliness of the lines, that go with her pose and aristocratic stance. I bet you were drawing very fast to make teh best f that great deal for $4.00!!!!


I especially like the top sketch, the pose is so graceful and you’ve beautifully cropped it on the page. . . isn’t this fun? the figure drawing group I used to attend disbanded many months ago but I just found another and should start again in a week or so, yaay!


Dear Jana,
Great drawings! Gee – I’ve been trying to get over to Berkely on Friday nights to draw for sometime now. I’ve lost the information as to exactly where to go. Would you mind too much e-mailing me? I’ve taken a few figure drawing classes at CCAC and I promised myself I’d get into the routine of going over to Berkeley, but…
Thanks for your help!


A friend told me about this group, but didn’t have the specifics. Can you please send me info. re: time and place.? Thanks.



Yep, that was you alright! How cool to connect again. I’d love to hear any updates on the group. Did you ever live in an apartment building on or near University Avenue around Sacramento St. maybe way back when? I think I might have given you a ride there once (though my memory is a total sieve). I remember being totally in awe of your work.

I’d love to hear any updates on the group if you have them.


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