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Rose in a bowl

rose-web copy
I’d about given up doing any drawing today. I was tired from an intense week, felt a migraine lurking, had no creative energy and spent the day puttering, sighing, resting, and doing some filing of papers and sorting of photos on my computer. I was about to head to bed when I saw this rose floating in a little glass bowl that someone in my painting group had painted Wednesday night and decided to try a quick painting. I don’t love it, but I’m glad I did it. Ink and watercolor in Moleskine watercolor notebook.

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NICELY DONE!! And I’m proud of you for sketching even when feeling badly — which, I hope, by now, you’re feeling much better! Don’t you find that a daily commitment to sketch even when tired makes you feel just a bit better?

Hope you have a restful day!!


You did a nice job with it for a “quick” painting. Sometimes, the disappearing into the process is just what we need at a moment when we don’t have the energy. Hope you are feeling more your energetic, normal self today. Sometimes I have to remind myself that work (even if I like what I do) is the “means” not the “end” especially during or after a really tough week. What I do with my family, you guys and my personal moments, that is the end.


This is so lovely and more credit to you for doing it with no energy! I am in that kind of mood right now also. Only I can’t make myself do anything 🙂


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