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A little lemon

Lemon on Quiche Cup

I had so many ideas of what to draw tonight but I was so sleepy that I had to pick something fairly simple. It was fun–so much fun that I kept at it longer than I should have so it got overworked. There’s always that question of “When is a painting done?” I’ve heard it said many times that one should stop when a painting feels 75% finished but I usually go to 125%. So for the next week, I’m going to try stopping at 75% and see how that feels.

I’m experimenting with uploading pictures to Flickr and then linking them as I did here. Flickr has options for posting a small image on the blog and a big one on Flickr that you are taken to by clicking on the image. If you have an opinion, I’d love to know whether you prefer seeing images this size on the blog or a smaller size with a click to enlarge option? Do you know any disadvantages to storing the image on Flickr?

Watercolor and Micron Pigma in WC Moleskine.

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Flickr is terrific! no disadvantages that I know of, best thing is putting your work into sets, it makes it so much easier to find a drawing from a previous post rather then searching through archives on a blog, also love their “favorites” feature, a way to save work I am particularly drawn to that would otherwise get buried, glad you are using them!

well maybe just a tad too much on the lemon, 🙂 though it’s jewel encrusted rind is quite pretty! the dish is just right! beautiful shadings of purple and blue


I really enjoy seeing the larger images on your blog, if they were small clickable images I would just have to click on every one!


WONDERFUL!!!! I too tend to overwork … maybe I can join you in our 75% attempts!

FLICKR is new to me .. but at home my browser Firefox has a conflict with my security software and so FLICKR doesn’t work for me … if I want to see images in FLICKR I have to open IE as a browser — a real PITA! But I do like the ease of use ….


Jana, the only disadvantage I’d see would be if Flickr had a major crash and lost some of their storage. I’ve never had such a problem with my server, but if I did, I have all my images on my own computer in one folder, and it would be one click to re-upload them all.

I think your lemon texture is neat!


I like flickr and I like the size you’re using now. I don’t have trouble uploading the images.

One question, do you scan your drawings and then download them to your computer? I’ve wondered how people get things that aren’t photographs up on their blogs. I love the way things done by hand look on the screen.

Best, BL


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