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My last bike and my new last bike?

In 1987, at the ancient age of 39, when I was still married and had two little kids, I thought, as I shopped for a new bike, that I was buying my last one because certainly I would be too old to ride anymore by the time I was, say 50. It was one of those newly invented mountain bikes. Here's my farewell drawing of her from my sketchbook:Old Bike

Now at 58 I'm again shopping for a new bike…and again thinking this one will be my last. It's weird to think something will be my last…but it's been true before…my last baby for example, who's now 25.

Approaching my birthday always makes me think about my life and how much I enjoy it, especially when I'm painting or drawing, and how important it is to enjoy every single day since there's only so many I have left (how many? glad I don't know).

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[…] Today I rode my old bike (never did buy a new one) down to the Bay Trail and explored the Albany Bulb waterfront park where artists create sculptures from the driftwood and drift-trash that comes in from the Bay or was dumped there before it was a park. Oakland Artist Jason De Antonis and his friend and helper Osha Neumann were just putting the finishing touches on this amazing dog sculpture and arbor (if you click to enlarge and look closely you’ll see the Golden Gate Bridge in the background). He also made this huge sculpture of a woman that greets you as you come over the hill on the path down to the water. It’s about 3 times the height of a person or a more. I made several stops along the way to paint a bit of a huge fennel plant, […]


Having an enjoyable fist visit in your life. Thanks for sharing joyful moments, places, people.

Like your kitty plumbing assistant, Barbara’s mosaic garden and handmade building created from leftover doors.


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