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The Witchmobile: My favorite art car ever

Art cars
Art cars at Stockton Stroll

Friday night was the monthly Stockton Avenue Art Stroll, a neighborhood art walk that is always packed with people, live music, interesting art displayed in venues ranging from actual galleries to a beauty salon and a holistic health center. This time there was also a contingent of art cars since one of the people showing his art, Ken Duffy, is married to a local art car artist, Emily Duffy (her “Vain Van” is pictured above on the right, with more photos on her website).

But Friday night I saw my favorite art car ever: The Witchmobile! (Click to enlarge to see all the glorious details below).

I’ve always loved art cars. Years ago when I was married and a stay-at-home mom, I gladly drove a rusty old brown Toyota Tercel (that we called the “TURDsel” since that’s what it looked like) so that we could afford the vintage Porche my husband had always wanted. I wanted to do tromp l’oeille painting on the Turdsel so that it looked like a pile of dog doo with flies buzzing around it in 3-D. But my husband was embarassed enough that we had that ugly rust-bucket parked in front of our house, let alone one that said out loud “I’m a piece of S**T”).

I’d also thought about turning my previous car, a white Toyota Corolla, into a swan, covering it with white feathers and making a swan head to sit on top…