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The Witchmobile: My favorite art car ever

Art cars
Art cars at Stockton Stroll

Friday night was the monthly Stockton Avenue Art Stroll, a neighborhood art walk that is always packed with people, live music, interesting art displayed in venues ranging from actual galleries to a beauty salon and a holistic health center. This time there was also a contingent of art cars since one of the people showing his art, Ken Duffy, is married to a local art car artist, Emily Duffy (her “Vain Van” is pictured above on the right, with more photos on her website).

But Friday night I saw my favorite art car ever: The Witchmobile! (Click to enlarge to see all the glorious details below).

I’ve always loved art cars. Years ago when I was married and a stay-at-home mom, I gladly drove a rusty old brown Toyota Tercel (that we called the “TURDsel” since that’s what it looked like) so that we could afford the vintage Porche my husband had always wanted. I wanted to do tromp l’oeille painting on the Turdsel so that it looked like a pile of dog doo with flies buzzing around it in 3-D. But my husband was embarassed enough that we had that ugly rust-bucket parked in front of our house, let alone one that said out loud “I’m a piece of S**T”).

I’d also thought about turning my previous car, a white Toyota Corolla, into a swan, covering it with white feathers and making a swan head to sit on top…

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I drive a Toyota Camry station wagon (which I call Sherman, after the tank)…what would you do with this?
Answers in your sketchbook, please!


Ha! Wouldn’t that be fun to paint it like a tank and stick a turret on top–although a bit too military for my taste so it won’t be appearing in my sketchbook — how about yours? When I think of Sherman I think of Cindy Sherman, the artist who photographs herself as everybody but herself. So maybe you need to do a Cindy Sherman on your Sherman? Jana


Hey! That’s my car! Wow! Thanks! Great pics

I just started a website for the Witchmobile:

I would love to use these pictures if I could? I would credit you of course! I’m so bad at taking pictures I don’t really have any good photos of my car yet!

Anyway, thank you for posting these up, and I’ll try to get more pictures/updates up on my website. The Witchmobile is a work in progress so it’s changing all the time!



Hi Rebecca, How fun to hear from you. Of course you’re more than welcome to download and use my photos as you wish! It’s your car after all. And it really is my very favorite of the many I’ve seen over the years. Your wit and whimsy and artistic style are just wonderful! Jana


Nice to find Rebecca’s new car today, just now.
I can easily see it as a companion piece to Carthedral(but probably everyone else can see this too?)
Fun, frogs, keys and brooms!
As for an idea for the “Sherman” about a manniquin half dressed as a woman/man “Sure..Man?”
Anybody’s guess? haaha!


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