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Wordles and Pictures: Whine, Skirt, Antic (and dreams)

All the Wordles and crazy dreams illustrated for January 1-3. See the full post for all the journal pages close up.

Wordle: Skirt and Antic
Wordle: Skirt and Antic

Here are my Wordles and dreams for January 1-3. Above is the two-day spread for January 2-3 and below are the individual pages for all three days with some comments.

Wordle: SKIRT. The good old poodle skirt plus some dreams

The dreams from January 2 illustrated (above) and explained (below).

  • 1) Helped my best friend clean house and afterwards $50 was missing and her husband thought I took it (neither of these things would actually ever happen!)
  • 2) On a space ship with Bob Dylan and he was using cocaine.
  • 4) I was hanging out with an actress who was, in real life, my son’s girlfriend in high school, and she is 3-D printing me a music system that requires embedding bits of sweater fuzz in the plastic.
Wordle: WHINE (and dreams)

For the year of the rabbit, very much on my mind on January 1, I drew what I pictured as a whiney rabbit. The writing from January 2 was showing through (very thin paper in Hobonichi journals) so I touched up the page in Procreate and deleted some of my personal writing for posting.


  • 1) Eating lox on a bagel with my dearly departed mom.
  • 2) My (also dearly departed) Aunt D. brings me a complicated dress with lots of criss-cross straps.
  • 4) Looking through a box of free stuff when someone tosses a very cute unwanted puppy out the window. (I’ve been thinking about getting a second dog–this dream was maybe about not taking home free stuff or abandoned puppies that I don’t need right now.
Wordle: ANTIC and dreams

That’s my silly dog Millie who is obsessed with squirrels and my neighborhood squirrel who loves to tease her by running along the fence while Millie chases, barks and tries to jump up the fence.


  • 1) Party at a house above a million stairs
  • 2) Run into J. and his baby at a tiny museum. His friends are hosting a dinner and doing elaborate “Jewish” rituals that turn out to be kindergarten hand games.
  • 2) Girls are running around serving tea and one pours a pot of tea directly on a guy’s crotch.

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