Cranky About Camellias


Third and final (for now) attempt to paint Camelias.

I tried and tried to paint the beautiful camellias that grow on a large bush outside my studio window. After the third attempt (above) I was too cranky to keep trying and failing to capture them. I decided to give up on them until next year’s bloom when I will try again. Below are the previous attempts.

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That’s a great question. I wanted to capture the beauty and freshness of the flowers but I don’t feel like I accomplished that, and the color doesn’t please me. I have learned so much about oil painting but get frustrated when I can’t implement what I know about modeling form, choosing and mixing colors, drawing, brushstrokes, etc. I guess the problem is the more I learn the higher I raise the bar and my expectations for myself.

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Ahhh, there it is, your answer, and I agree with you. For myself, when I paint, sometimes art theory and education can overshadow your own intuitive excellence. Did you ever examine one petal and suspend knowledge, and then the door opens and you can see that there may be many, many colours in one petal. The areas reflecting light are warm, and the area in shadow are cool? Your own intuition is so valuable, and your education offers a wonderful foundation. My best to you, and just offering my own thoughts I’ve offered to my self when frustrated….thank you for allowing me to share. Let me know! -my best to you.


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