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Yikes! (Me too, kid!)

sketched in ink and watercolor from a SktchyApp photo, 10×9″
The cat’s expression (and the boy’s) perfectly replicate mine the past few days of dealing with some tough family stuff. But drawing helps keep me sane.  This was sketched from Susan Cooper’s photo on SktchyApp. Ink and watercolor 12×9″. 

10 replies on “Yikes! (Me too, kid!)”

Wow! A difficult feeling to capture and you did it very well. Sending you warm thoughts for resolution to your current challenges.


Hi Jana, Really fun! Well done!! Can feel the scratch, the boy’s “Youch!” and the cat’s “Meowing, let me down!” Well done, indeed! And, I too, have found my art a true release, very often!! God bless, C-Marie


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