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Lima, Peru for Virtual Paintout October 2013

Lima, Peru, ink and watercolor from Google Streetview, 4x5 in
Lima, Peru, ink and watercolor from Google Streetview, 4×5 in

I love doing the Virtual Paintout, strolling around a city in Google Streetview and picking a scene to paint. This sketch is a preliminary study for an oil painting  still in progress. The location is Nicolas de Pierola and Jr. Cańete Streets in Lima, Peru. Here’s a link to the map:

Below is the original screenshot plus a few other streetview pictures from around Lima. Although the city looked very beautiful, I’m often drawn to funkier parts of town.

6 replies on “Lima, Peru for Virtual Paintout October 2013”

How cool is that! I haven’t thought of Google Maps as a resource for armchair travel or exotic street scenes. Great drawing and I’m glad you’re drawn to the parts of town with the most character.


Love your sketch of Lima. I’m embarrassed to admit that I can’t figure out how to do the virtual paintout, Everytime I drag Mr. pegman over to the map I end up in a swamp or something. Now it’s Iceland and I sooooo want to do it. But I just get roads in the middle of no-where.


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