Sketch of a fried fish, Deep Fried Fish Lips, ink & watercolor, 5x8"

Deep Fried Fish Lips, ink & watercolor, 5×8″

When I see my neighbors at my door holding a covered plate I get excited because they are fantastic cooks who often bring me treats. Except this delicacy was not from their kitchen; it was deep-fried take-out fish from 99 Ranch Market’s seafood department where they scoop live fish out of a big tank, “dress” them (euphemism for remove guts and slash the skin) and toss them otherwise whole in the deep fryer.

I gratefully accepted the gift and sketched it instead of eating it since I prefer my fish grilled, not deep-fried. Then I gave the fish to my tenant who enjoyed the nice dinner.

Photo of thank you card on returned plate

Photo of thank you card on returned plate

Today I returned the plate with a little thank you card featuring the fish.

Food sketch, Ink and watercolor wash, Sketchbook Pages
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  1. How lovely – your neighbours, your picture, & dinner for tenant.


  2. Totally cool story to go with a totally cool painting!


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