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After the Mexican Birthday Party

After the Party: Cerveza and Lemon, oil on Gessobord, 7x5"
After the Party: Cerveza and Lemon, oil on Gessobord, 7×5″

My neighbors from Mexico really know how to celebrate birthdays. They prepare by cooking delicious traditional Mexican food for days (including a huge vat of my favorite, birria de chivo) and decorate their yard, filling the patio with tables, chairs and umbrellas like the best cafes.

Beer and Lemon, Ink & Watercolor, 8x5"
Beer and Lemon study for oil painting, Ink & Watercolor, 8×5″

The kids gleefully bounce like human ping-pong balls in a giant inflatable jumper in the front yard while the adults enjoy Cumbias music, dancing and good food in the backyard. I appreciated the chance to practice my Spanish but was relieved to discover that most of their friends are bilingual; when my meager Spanish fails we can still talk.

I thought the little beer bottles were cute so I took mine home to paint.

The oil painting is available here. The study is in my journal.

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