Edgar Payne's Ford, ink & watercolor, 4x6"
Edgar Payne's Ford, ink & watercolor, 4x6"

Edgar Payne's Ford, ink & watercolor, 4x6"

On our sketching trip to Sacramento we visited theEdgar Payne painting exhibit at the Crocker Museum. Above is my sketch of the beautiful old Ford he used to get to plein air painting sites. According to the brief video they showed he also frequently traveled by mule. I only had a few minutes to sketch the car so I painted it when I got home.

You can see the photo of the car and some of my favorite paintings from the show below. His compositions (he wrote the book  Composition of Outdoor Painting) and his use of warm and cool colors to create a sense of light and depth are fantastic to see in person.

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  1. Love the Monument Valley scenes.

  2. I love your painting of that little car – you have given it such character. Looks like a car that might have had a name!

  3. Great little painting of the old Ford, Jana! Also, congrats on the new studio. To-die-for! I wonder how long it will look so neat and orderly. Ha!

  4. Hi Janas. Thanks for posting the Payne pictures, they are incredible. I agree with Rita, your car deserves a tv series of it’s own! Good luck in your new studio, it looks fantastic.

  5. Very interesting post. Incredible paintings. Your sketch is very well done. I admire the work of Victor Higgens. He grew up in Indiana but was one of the founders of the Taos art colony. He modified the back of his car so he could sit in the trunk under the lid. When get creative when we have a problem, don’t we?

  6. What a sweet little car.

  7. Love this little guy, Jana. I always did love those square jobs. Your sketch–and that wash– just bring out the flavor of that old patina.

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