Linda Mar Beach, Pacifica, sketch and scene

Linda Mar Beach, Pacifica, sketch and scene

Pacifica beaches are usually buried under a heavy fog bank but I watched the weather reports and picked the hottest, sunniest day of my vacation week to go. It was perfect!  I hiked the length of Linda Mar beach (above, also known as Taco Bell Beach because of the Taco Bell literally on the beach). Then found a wonderful crazy, winding path over the hills that connects Linda Mar beach to Rockaway Beach where I hiked the length of that beach too.

At the end of the day I walked around the nearby Linda mar neighborhood where I spotted so many things that would be fun to sketch, but I was getting sunburned, tired and hungry so headed off to dinner and then the drive home, much easier after rush hour was over.  I took the photos below as a reminder for another visit (and possibly some studio painting).

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  1. Great sketch from a wonderful day!!! Is this your birthday week? Seems like I remember you always take that week off? I’m glad to see you had such a nice day at the beach, and you’ve definitely mined that day for creative inspiration.

    • Thanks for remembering. My birthday is the 19th and I took the week before and the week after off, came back and only had to work 2 days and then it was 4th holiday. And now it’s not my birthday month anymore (I celebrate all month). So I’m thinking of appropriating July too. Jana

  2. What a wonderful day at the beach! The essence of Summer.

  3. You get my vote for best post title this year. Great sketch and photos from what sounds like a fabulous day.

  4. Wow, what fun! The drawing is terrific, and there’s so much to look at. Must have been hard to choose.

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