Not Swine Flu, Ink & gouache

Not Swine Flu, Ink & gouache

It’s not the swine flu, not so bad.

Not Bird Flu, ink and gouache

Not Bird Flu, ink and gouache

Definitely not the Bird Flu.

Just an ordinary bug, ink and gouache

Just an ordinary bug, ink and gouache

It’s not a cold, a fever, a pill bug or a lady bug, and probably not something from getting a flu shot on Wednesday. It’s just a sleepy, coughing, red-eyed, sneezey, sniffly little bug.

And it looks like I’m winning! I hope so. Tomorrow is a plein air painting day at a winery in Sonoma, the last of the season with my primary plein air group, and I’d really like to go.

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  1. Delightful post! So sorry you’re under the weather, but at least you are alive enough to sketch about it. Feel better soon.

  2. These are so sweet. I hope you feel better! XO

  3. Awwwwww, poor baby.
    Hope you feel better soon, and can do your plein air, but be wise and take care of you first.

  4. So sorry, Jana. And I hope some good rest and self-nurturing will help.

    Wonderful that you can draw these witty sketches when you feel like this.

    But why couldn’t it be a shot reaction from Wednesday?
    I often get shot reactions, if I dare, even, to get a shot.

    • Thanks Annie. Well I guess it could have been the shot I had on Wednesday, but when I called the advice nurse at my medical plan she thought it might be an allergic reaction (because of the red eyes) to the dust I encountered when clearing out some shelves and old files at my office on Thursday, dumping lots of very dusty stuff. That night was when I started feeling bad. I am mostly better now, thank goodness! Jana

  5. I don’t call that bug ordinary. He looks so content and self-satisfied, and warm hearted.

  6. I always greatly enjoy your posts! Hope you feel better soon!

  7. I LOVE that you drew what your bugs are not. You have a good sense of humor and you know, I think we need to have more humor in our art these days!!! I hope the en plein air is good and can’t wait to see what you paint.

  8. I have the samething and now I know where I got it. I got it from talking to you on your blog😉 Get well soon!

    • Oh dear! So sorry to hear you have it too. I stayed home and rested Friday and Saturday and thought I’d kicked it and went out painting today. Now it seems like it’s back so it’s back to bed for me! I hope you feel better soon. Jana

  9. Hope you got to go to your plein air session Jana – love your sushi paintings in the last post – what self-control!

  10. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well…. Lovely drawings! Keep up the good work!

  11. I’m so glad that you’re feeling better! I love your watercolors and admire your optimism.

  12. Your nasty bug sounds a bit like what’s been going around here. A dry cough for three weeks and a bit of hay fever at times. Lemon kind of drinks help and also ginger ale. We seem to have forgotten about swine flu here though a few people are having the injection. We live close to an animal health laboratory where lots of strange tests are done inside a box inside a box of a building. Very, very secure I hope!

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