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Meanwhile…. Life Goes On

Zoom Magazine

I’ve been away from my blog this past week, for a number of reasons, including setting up a new computer, an extended family member suddenly hospitalized in a coma with no brain activity, plus other more positive family events.

So in this brief intermission, here is a page from Costa Rica’s Zoom magazine I received recently. My sketches illustrate an article about Leaf Cutter Ants (amazing creatures that live in Costa Rica). When the editor was looking for illustrations she came across my sketches on my blog and asked for permission to use them in the article. It’s fun seeing them in print:

Leafcutter Ants, in "Zoom" (Costa Rica magazine)

(Click image to enlarge)

I’m looking forward to some solid studio time for the next two days and getting back to regular posting. Meanwhile, life goes on…

7 replies on “Meanwhile…. Life Goes On”

You’ve has a tough week haven’t you? I can sympathize with your feelings about your family member. Sadly enough I’ve been down that road too.
Your sketches illustrating the magazine article are fun and I’m sure a feather for your cap (painter’s cap). It must be a wonderful elation to see one’s work on glossy print!!!! Kudos to you my friend.


Thanks Marta, I know you’ve had your share of medical issues and loss and your work put you right in the middle of it all the time, I’m sure. So I appreciate your kind thoughts

I’m OK but it’s beyond devastating for my daughter in law Jessica and her little girl. My son is doing his best to support them. Jessica’s mom is on life support with no brain activity but looks like she’s peacefully napping. The family is staying at her bedside and praying for her, and not ready to hear the doctors telling them to pull the plug. She’s only in her late 40s so this came as a total shock. Jana


I am so sorry for your family sadness, Jana. It sounds like some rough days ahead, and I am glad for the comfort you have from your family.

The magazine sketches are great fun. I can see why they liked your ants. Congratulations.



Thanks Annie, It’s amazing how strong and loving people can be when they come together as a family to support one another through a hard time.

It is fun seeing my silly ants in print. It was even better seeing the really ants in the jungle when I was in wonderful Costa Rica. I’d love to go back. Jana


It’s very good to hear that you’ll get some studio time, that will help everything. These ants are the best! I love these paintings, and how perfect they are for this article. Congratulations!


Jana, so sorry to hear of your serious family illness. My prayers are with you. Your art will help as you travel through the tough times.

Congratulations on your ants making print!


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