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Osmosis Spa Sketches & 10,000 Days Art Project

2 Doors Down from Osmosis, ink & watercolor
Osmosis Spa Neighborhood, ink & watercolor

To finish the year off well, I spent an absolutely blissful day yesterday at Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary. I arrived in Freestone (near Sebastopol) half an hour early so I could take a walk and sketched the old farm which is two doors down from the spa. When I returned to the spa and changed into a cozy Japanese style robe, I was taken to an ante-room with a view of the meditation garden where I was served special tea and had 15 quiet minutes alone to sip and sketch.

Tea Service at Osmosis, Ink & watercolor
Tea Service at Osmosis, Ink & watercolor

Then it was time for my “enzyme bath,” the most profoundly relaxing experience I’ve had in my life. The bath attendant scooped out and molded the finely ground, fragrant cedar in a deep redwood tub into a perfect hollow to fit my body in a reclined position. The cedar is mixed with rice bran and “over 600 active enzymes that create natural soothing warmth through fermentation.” Once I was perfectly positioned in the tub, she covered me in the heavy, steamy stuff up to my neck. Every 5 minutes she returned with water to sip through a straw and draped a cool refreshing cloth over my forehead while I lay there going deeper and deeper into relaxation.

Next it was time to brush off, shower, and head upstairs for my massage. It was the best massage I’ve ever had; more of a spiritual experience and a healing than  bodywork. My massage therapist, Weegi, saw the blissed-out look in my eyes when it was over and recommended that I go sit and watch the creek and walk in the meditation garden before getting into my car.

She was right. I sat by the creek and watched the water flow and hawks soaring above and then walked slowly through the Japanese zen garden and around the Koi pond a while longer. It was nearly an hour before I was ready to return to the “real” world and head home.

Osmosis Koi Pond
Osmosis Koi Pond

I don’t think driving while blissed out is exactly illegal but it definitely wouldn’t have been a good idea. I didn’t even want the radio on in the car; I just wanted to stay in that incredible place of total relaxation.  I think the car and I floated all the way home a foot above the road.

To my wonderful co-workers: A huge thank-you for the gift of this spa day back on my birthday in June. It took me some time to get around to using it, but I picked the perfect cool, foggy day in December to use it to finish off my year feeling great and grateful.

Photos of Osmosis used with permission from their website.

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10,000 Days Art Project

As the year was coming to an end I was feeling sad. Since I’m usually a “glass half full” kind of person I did some writing to dig deeper. I realized that each year that ends brings me closer to my own end. Then my practical side kicked in and I calculated how many years I probably have left. I multiplied the number of years by 365 days which came out to 10,000 days.

Wow! 10,000 days feels like it might just be enough to do all the painting, drawing and other art projects in me to do. Now I don’t feel so bad about the end of one paltry little chunk of a year and can even look forward to resting when those 10,000 days are done. But I’m having way too much fun to stop any time soon!

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My goodness Jana – that certainly does sound blissful!

The 10,000 day art project sounds very good too. So, what are you focusing on for your first 100 days of your new regime?


I, too have enjoyed a special day at Osmosis. I am new to EDM and have been keeping a watercolor, pen and ink journal for awhile. Could you put me on your future class lists for notification? I live in Marin and am always up for learning new things.
Click on the label journal and you will pull up some of my pages.



A wonderful way to end one or start another year!
I have thoroughly enjoyed your past year’s blogging, warts and all, as you struggled and persisted. I wish you health, love and happiness, Jana, and look forward to more fun sketches.


Yes, I’m definitely a half glass full person. Decided everyday was going to be a ‘first’ day, Jaunuary 1st everyday. I look forward to Japanese New Year, see family and friends, eat Japanese food to celebrate, look at how much the children have grown and be grateful for the memories we’ve shared.


Oh thank you for this post, Jana! First a vicarious visit to the spa (and I swear, I relaxed while reading your description!) and then such an optimistic look to the future. I really feel much better than I did 2 minutes ago. Have a great 2009!


10,000 days! Thanks for the idea of looking at my own possible days left on earth, doing the math, and determining that I can accomplish a lot in my own remaining 8395 days if I determine to take action every day. Happy New Year to you… I hope your days are prosperous and happy.


I too had a wonderful, relaxing experience at osmosis, in the fall of 2008, and look forward to returning soon.

I felt so relaxed that I didn’t want to leave; I found it necessary to relax in the garden before i got in the wheel of the car!

i am most grateful.


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