Dinner at Costco

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Well, so much for yesterday’s Pollyana attitude of gratitude. Now I’m mad!

After working half the day I headed out to do errands, including shopping for new car tires. After going to the library, the Toyota dealer and another tire shop, I ended up at Costco. Normally I’m a big fan of Costco as they have reliably high quality products at excellent prices, but it’s not a place I’d ever chose to eat dinner.

Unfortunately I was stuck there for over three hours waiting for my tires to be installed, only to learn that they’d made a mistake and the tires they’d sold me were the wrong tires that didn’t fit my car.

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I’d tried to patiently pass the estimated two hour wait time, strolling through the store, picking up a few items I needed, including a rotisserie chicken to eat in their cafeteria (that only sells greasy hot dogs, fries and pizza). After standing in a long line to check out (behind a woman trying to buy a coat with no tag on it, requiring someone to go find the price while everyone stood in line rolling their eyes), I sat at a table way too close to two little boys who’d apparently been told to stay there while their parents shopped. They screamed and wrestled non-stop.I read an art book from the library while I picked chunks off the chicken and sipped my diet coke. Then I got out my sketch book and started drawing my unlovely dinner setting. I was halfway through the drawing, feeling pleased that the car should be ready any minute. Then I got the call about the tires being wrong.

I was so mad!!! I complained to a manager who offered a $40 discount and agreed to order the right tires and promised that when they arrived in a week I’d be given priority installation. I thought I could go home then, but no! I had to take my receipt back into the main store and stand in the Returns line to get refunded for the wrong tires.

Then it turned out the mechanic had already removed all my tires and would have to reinstall them, balancing each one before I could take the car. He tried to patch my flat but it couldn’t be repaired so he had to move the spare back on a wheel too. Another hour later and I was finally on my way home, having lost my whole afternoon and evening with nothing at all to show for it, knowing I’d have to make another trip to the tire shop in a week,and that I had no working spare tire. Grrrr!

I’m trying to find things to be grateful for to get over being mad:

  1. I don’t work in a stinky noisy tire shop
  2. I’m safe and sound and in good health and in my cozy house listening to good music
  3. I have a car

I’m still mad.

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  1. What a nightmare! You got a great sketch out of it though – those tables looks very utilitarian and uncomfortable!

    (Btw, my comment from yesterday disappeared, hope this works!)


  2. Oh, I just laughed when I saw this! I had a very challenging experience yesterday and thought of you the whole time and the lesson learnt from you – positive attitude, seeing the glass half full, and I wondered how you did it, because I had absolutely no dignity in my handling of the “crisis”! Today, I enjoyed your post SO much, it felt SO human to me and your whole saga is perfect for a Charlie Chaplin script, very much like my yesterday was! Luckily we can laugh about these experiences afterwards. Great sketch…those scrolls in the right hand corner says it all…


  3. Oh Jana! How awful! ‘These things are sent to try us’ sounds so utterly trite but I can’t think of what else to say – other than that I like your style!


  4. ok, I’d be pissed off too…and I’d whine about it for a few days to everyone I came across. But then we move on don’t we? I love your story and like you, I have never had a meal at Cosco (well, now you have). But what an interesting place to draw. I want to buy some gouache and play with that a bit. Could you please point me in some direction as to brand, quality, colors to buy, brushes and anything else you can think of? I’d really appreciate it. My BD is Monday and of course I want to treat myself to some new art supplies!


  5. I loved your post on dinner at Costco. Best of all, through all your frustration, you had three things to be grateful for. Very inspiring. Your drawing was wonderful, too.

    Jana in Sacramento


  6. I’d rather be stuck in Costco than the wait room of a tire or mechanic shop. It’s all noise, rubber odors and not much to look at. But you got a nice sketch even if the memories weren’t as pleasant.



  7. Oh Jana, you were doing so well! I was so impressed with your attitude, however, I fully understand the frustration from this event. It’s not Costco, having worked retail for as long as I have, I know even the very best of stores make mistakes. Hopefully when you go back in things will go very quickly!


  8. What an awful day, but what a wonderful job you’ve done writing about it. I had to laugh, especially your last comment, after working so hard to find something good about it all. You’ll have to come back and read it in a month, and have a good laugh too!!


  9. Oh Jana! What a day!!!! And to eat food you didn’t want, sketch time lost .. I’d be incensed too ….. I am so sorry, hon! I sure hope they make this up to you — although when things like this happen to me, it’s day later when I can let it go and relax and get on with things … I hope you do better!!!!!!!



  10. Oh Jana
    at first i read this post then went back and read the post about the flat tire. I laughed about the guy asking about your husband. Then you have this long list of grateful things which made your short list here … well short.
    You are too much. You really do have a good attitude even tho you say your mad.


  11. … But still, hey: at least you know now which tires DON’T fit your car! Even if it took an eternity of discomfort.

    Isn’t it weird how we can meet the big, crisis-ey things with calmness, and then the little jackals come along and completely flip us? I think we’ve all been there, so lots of empathy, Jana.


  12. What a horrible day, but LOOK at what you did! You made wonderful, lively, joyous (even!) Janaish lemonade out of a very lemony experience! I love how you just tell your stories perfectly honestly, with no self-justification or excuses–you’re the real deal, Miss Jana.


  13. I love this painting. I really like how you elevate the ordinary. Really lovely!!!!
    I am sorry your Costco experience was so bad. I don’t enjoy Costco but go there often for steaks, port, champagne and cheeses. And, I have even had some of their greasy hot dogs and I have to say–they aren’t bad. 😉


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