I’m just painting non-stop, both plein air and in the studio trying to finish a challenging 3-person portrait of 3-generations of men in my family but none of the paintings are quite ready for posting. The good news is that I’ve made some huge breakthroughs in my learning and as soon as I finish the portraits I’ll be getting back to more of a daily painting schedule. I’m going to be setting a timer and doing many one-hour oil/and or watercolor sketches, trying to put some “miles” on paper and canvas to speed up my learning process and quit the fussing around over and over on the same piece.

Sketchbook Pages

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  1. Bravo! I can feel so much creative energy coming from you. Thanks for “infecting” me.


  2. Wonderful idea with the timer. I am always wanting to paint more, when infact I paint less. I think the timer idea to be super, that way I’ll know some work will be getting done, yet also know that I won’t be at it all day.

    I’m looking forward to your 3 generation painting. I’m assuming its going to be in oil…………


  3. What a great idea. I’m amazed at how much time I can waste thinking I’ll do something (draw, paint) alittle later. Think how much time goes by just looking at a couple of things on the internet! So a timer would actually make me start and use that time only for a creative pursuit without distraction.


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