Watercolor in large watercolor Moleskine notebook
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I worked on an oil painting portrait all afternoon and evening with frustrating results. So I decided to do a quick watercolor sketch to comfort myself. I actually ended up doing this onion twice. The first version was yucky and overworked so I gave myself a few minutes more for one more try. Now I’m off for some bedtime reading about portraiture in oils and some sleep.

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  1. NICELY DONE< Jana!! I think the muses were in hiding yesterday — I too ruined a ton of stuff! Here’s hoping today is much better for you!!!

  2. Wonderful color on this.

  3. I always love your watercolor produce.

  4. Love this, it’s so bright and colorful! You’ve had me thinking about watercolor vs oils since your comment yesterday. Made me take a closer look at how I use watercolors (not that I’m using them much at all at the moment) info to have when I need it.

  5. I love how you’ve given this onion color ..bright, bold, juicy. Some times the best work comes after we have some issues with another painting. Lovely.

  6. Oh what brilliant colors – just wonderful! Thanks for your nice comment! I wanted to ask you for some more advice about painting at a larger scale, specifically what brushes and papers do you recommend for this?

  7. Your paintings always make me smile, Who would have thought an anion could be so much fun?

  8. What a great, bright onion!

  9. Wow!!! Love the colors.

  10. Wonderful vibrant onion Jana!
    Love the intense blue shadow !!!

  11. Oh, this is really cool, so colorful!

  12. I like this, it’s very simple and cute and very colorful ^-^

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