Digital art Dreams Sketchbook Pages


Art group turned into dance group

All were drawn in pencil and then ink in my dream sketchbook, then scanned and digitally colored in Painter.
Click here to see enlarged.

(Above) Dreamt that my painting group turned into a dance group.

(Below) Click here to see enlarged. Dreamt I was standing in line to sign up for a race. A big sweaty bald guy without a shirt kept leaning on me and I told him to stop it. Once we started running I realized I could fly so I did, even though I knew it meant I wouldn’t get the race t-shirt. Flying is so much fun!

race dream

dad in NY

(Above) Click here to see larger.  Dreamed I was visiting New York City with my dad and we were walking the streets stopping into jazz cafes and listening to music. I had my flashlight to light our path. I was so happy being in New York I started crying with joy and decided to move there. His wife Linda was there, dressed like Jackie O and neat and trim. Then I remembered how expensive it is to live in Manhattan and that my dad died many years ago. But it was still a happy dream.

If you look at the images enlarged, please tell me if they’re too big for your screen.

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Jana, thank-you for the dream sketching it came on a day where I needed a smile. These are so great. Keep up the wonderful work!


I really like the comments about the dream with you dad. It’s nice to know that it was a happy one despite not having him around in life. I have to believe there is a reason for this.


This is a lovely set. What are you doing with these computer coloured ones – do you print out a coloured copy of each and stick it in a book or are they only on the computer and the internet?


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