Studio - Work in Progress 2

A watercolor in progress (about 1/3 done) on my watercolor table with my helpers standing by, waiting to help (or get in the way). This is a commissioned portrait of a house with the family’s 3 cats in the window.

Studio - Work in Progress 1

An acrylic painting in progress on my easel in the opposite corner of the room.

If you click on the pictures to look at them on Flickr you’ll see little notes of what stuff is.


Now, about this tagging business. This week I’ve been “tagged” by three different art bloggers. When you get tagged you’re supposed to list seven little known facts about yourself and then list seven blogs you like to visit and then tell each of those people they’ve been tagged. It’s sort of like a chain letter. Since I don’t know who’s already been tagged, and since I was tagged 3 times in 3 days, I have a feeling people are running out of people to tag…which makes me feel a little like I did in high school gym class where I was always the last to be picked for a team since I was such a klutz.

So instead of tagging other people, I’m going to invite people to be tagged. That way I won’t be imposing on anyone and won’t re-tag already tagged people. Will I get in trouble for breaking the chain? If you want to play and haven’t been tagged yet, just leave me a comment and I’ll toss you a tag…

Here are the 7 random facts about me:

1. I live in a house that used to be a duplex so I have 2 living/dining room rooms, 2 kitchens, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 2 laundry rooms. (One living/dining room/kitchen is my studio and 1 laundry room is a pantry now.)

2. I have two cats who sleep on top of my computer monitor and tv with their tail hanging over the screen.

3. I love doing dishes and cleaning the cat litter box but dislike doing other housework because it takes too long.

4. I like to read manuals for computer software and electronic gadgets and I subscribe to PC Magazine.

5. I hate shopping for clothes but love shopping for art supplies and books.

6. I download books from to my computer and iPod and listen to them while I watercolor (but oil or acrylic painting I listen to music).

7. I have a spinning bike (exercise bike) in my living room and I like to ride it while watching American Idol on my TiVo with the sound played through my stereo.

And here are links to the lovely artists who tagged me:

Claudia of Time Passages whose garden sketches are sensational!

Kerstin Klein of Snowflakes and Black Vampires who has been participating in the portrait party where people trade doing each other’s portraits.

Dinahmow (sounds like “Dynamo”) of Idle Thoughts of an Idle WomanĀ  whose printmaking and photography is stunning.

So, I know I’ve done this all wrong. I haven’t listed 7 new tagged people…but I’m tossing the ball to you and calling out TAG, You’re IT.Ā  If you wanna be tagged, just leave me a comment and I’ll link you in the next post.

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  1. Jana, that’s a great solution! I notice some other bloggers just call it “self serve” and leave it up to individuals.
    But thanks for playing anyway.(By the way, Josh wants to know how come your cats are allowed on the monitor? )


  2. I love the photo with your cats standing at attention to help. Your studio is so organized! Remind me never to post a photo of mine.


  3. Jana – I nearly tagged you and then didn’t because I thought I’d read a tag post of that you’d done a little while ago. There’s a tagging epidemic going on – but I like your solution. Seems fair to me………

    Your cats look to me like they’re hoping to be the models for the ones in the window.


  4. I JUST LOVE SEEING YOUR STUDIO, JANA!!! NEAT — AND GLORIOUS PAINTINGS TO BE DONE!! WOW! And yes, I LOVE listening to books on tape while I work too!


  5. Jana love seeing your studio and cats. I am in the middle of redoing my studio and was playing with the idea of painting it with color but so far everyone says to keep it neutral. Love the tag info


  6. What an inspiration you are, girl! I feel dumb as a box of rocks, who would have thought of using THREE lamps instead of just wishing one would do it?! (OK, well obviously you, and not ME.*G*)

    Your cats AND your studio are wonderful…

    Your solution to tagging is too. (Hey, I really WAS the kid that was always chosen last for teams, in school…I think I just got tagged once., and it looked sorta like an afterthought…figured since I’d been sort of a poophead about the whole thing I’d go ahead and do it, though!*G*)


  7. Thanks friends, for visiting my studio. I wonder how many of us artist types were also the last to be picked on teams.

    I actually just use the two combo-lamps (each with the two bulbs that make perfect balanced warm/cool light). The magnifying light mostly only gets used when I’m studying a botanical specimen. The little bitty halogen light only gets used for lighting a little still life in order to get directed light for reflections and shadows.


  8. hey, your house seems to be the perfect solution for jewish people who live kosher. wanna swap??? šŸ™‚


  9. Oooh — I’m envious of you getting the living / dining room / kitchen combo for a studio — that means you have a SINK! Sigh. Your studio space looks wonderful. And I think you are the only person I know who has ever uttered (or typed) the phrase, “I love doing dishes and cleaning the cat litter box…” You are officially invitied to my house. Soon, please!


  10. What fun it is to take a look inside other artist studio. Yours is way too neat and clean by the way … are you trying to make the rest of us look bad? *wink* Very nice room and plenty of light for your beautiful work. Thanks for sharing.


  11. Never mind admiring your studio….I WANT your studio!!! lol It looks so perfectly organised and with a sink! I use the two lamp idea also, with one cool tone and one warm tone, and it’s perfect for preventing having to work in shadow.


  12. Wow…now THAT’s a studio. I’m green with envy. Love your kitties too. šŸ™‚


  13. You cannot be serious! Cleaning the cat litter tray??! NO way!


  14. How fun to see inside your studio! It looks cozy and very functional. Every stuio should have a cat!


  15. A duplex with two of everything, how divine!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!


  16. Jana your studio is glorious , complete with those two models for your latest project. I really smiled Happy happy smiles when I read your tag. You are a true artist at heart… that is what makes such a difference in your work. The watercolors are marvelous!


  17. I painted seagulls eating something on the beach and called mine “I don’t know but I like it”. I just couldn’t get it to stay around long enough to add the tafita tutu.


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