Flower Art Monoprint

Magnolia Monoprint 1

Magnolia Monoprint 1-A

Monoprint; Gamblin oil-based etching ink on Arches 88 paper, 6×8″
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I made two different monoprints of this image, applying ink to the glass plate and then wiping it away and drawing in it to make the design, working from the same drawing for each. I’m just posting one for now but I’m going to add watercolor to each of them with two different color schemes. I’m too tired tonight to add the color but now that the ink is dry I thought I’d go ahead and post one in black and white. Tomorrow I’ll add the color to both monoprints and post the colored versions.

I successfully delegated one of my most dreaded monthly work projects to a colleague this week who did a great job with it, and saved me hours…no days…of misery and made it look easy. I’m so delighted by this and also by our hiring a new support person today which means being able to delegate even more projects to our support team. I’m hoping that will mean not having to work quite as hard so that I still have some energy and a little brains left for artwork and play when I get home in the evenings.

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Happy New Year Jana! Just been catching up on all your posts since December – my you’ve been busy! I can’t wait to see the colour versions of these either…


Hope your gettign some relief at work lightens up your days. There is always something going on in your life… Wonderful print. I also look forward to the color versions. I Wish one coudl download all outr posts form WP since that could eb saved as a Journal file in our computers and maybe do some editing and print as a personal book. Just an idea. I will suggest that to management.


Funny, i am so intrigued by the black and white — i would be tempted to say “leave it like this”. But of course, you are going to stun us with your colors. Looking forward to it!


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