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Peace on Earth

Peace Dove Candle holder

Watercolor in Moleskine watercolor notebook (plus a little salt)
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For most people, today was all about celebrating Christmas. For me it was a luxuriously quiet and spacious day. I did this little painting of a glass dove candle holder that my mother gave me as a first year anniversary present many years ago. I didn’t like it at the time as I felt it had too many pointy edges, though I don’t understand that thought now.

A crystal dove, the symbol of peace seemed a good subject for Christmas day. Spending the afternoon at my drawing table, sipping a cup of sweet pomegranite-flavored green tea while listening to a good book and painting as the sky darkened and the candle glowed was very peaceful.

As the days begin to lengthen, I wish you, and all the world, Peace.

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Jana – how glorious and serene, I envy you for the day of spaceous peace. Thank you for this lovely entry, the light is great, I believe you captured the moment and the subject and the loving memory of your Mother’s gift.
Thank you and peace to you as well.


BEAUTIFUL! Fantastic chrystal rendering …. lovely, lovely thoughts.

BTW, my dd gave me some pomegranate tea for Christmas (are you SURE we’re not related??? LOL) — DELISH!


I’m so glad you painted this lovely dove with such grace and flowing peacefulness. It is just what I needed to see. The fact is it made me cry for happiness. Sometimes (this Christmas) I got wrapped up in the hustle and bustle, and got over whelmed and laid in bed; Blowing off what the day was all about! Thanks for the reminder.


Gorgeous job on the crystal dove! Lots of neat shapes and reflections. I’ve been hooked on the pomegranate white tea from Trader Joe’s for a while – delish!! The perfect cup to enjoy while working on a “peace” work of art. Just makes me want to say “ahhhhhhh.”


Funny how such strange little items grow on one – you’ve done a beautiful picture of it – I especially like the flame and the wick looks so real. I’ll have to look out for pomegranite tea.


Peace to you as well, Jana. I am finding this painting and loving the association of colors — a relief from the usual expected Christmas (commercial) tones. What a great image for peace.


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