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Photos from my world

My tall shadow

Hi, welcome to my tall world. This is a picture of me taking a picture of my shadow. I am so easily amused…I guess that’s why I enjoy my own company so much.

Today was a long and busy day and now I’m too tired to draw so I thought I’d post some photos I’ve shot in the past week or so.

Brilliant web

A lovely spider and her sparkly web.

Plump Spider

A nice plump spider building her web–not quite so well organized as Spider Number One.

Neighbor's Garden

A neighbor’s garden.


Alcatraz as viewed from the sailboat, er…yacht last weekend.

And now it’s off to get some rest. Tomorrow I’m hoping will be a fun day of drawing, painting, and experimenting with monoprints.

4 replies on “Photos from my world”

Great photos, Jana. I love those spiders. They make such perfect, circular webs. We call them “garden spiders”, although I’m sure there is a more official name for them. My wife can’t stand them and has me clear the webs out every morning this time of year.


Love the photos, especially the crazy garden! It looks like your neighbors have a lot of fun with it. I also really like yesterday’s persimmon value study. It is such a strong image and the simplicity of the grayscale gives it an almost abstract quality – I really got lost in the variety of shapes and values (lost in a good way!)


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