White Rose

Watercolor in Moleskine large watercolor notebook.
(To enlarge, click image, select “All Sizes”).

When I woke up this morning I opened the living room blinds and saw the sun glowing on my white roses. I knew I’d have to hurry to get a picture before the light changed so I grabbed my camera and ran outside in my purple pajamas, not really caring about the people driving by. I knew it was a little odd climbing around in the rose bushes in my jammies, but sometimes we must make sacrifices for our art, no?

Today was another long day at work–stayed until after 7:00 p.m. to meet all my deadlines. I’m so glad I was able to get all the materials prepared for our organization’s presentations in Germany and Washington, DC. It’s also performance review time so those had to be dealt with this week, in between producing materials for several other trainings and presentations.

After a quick dinner and feeling very tired, I gave myself one hour in the studio, knowing I had a nice photo of the rose that I could post if I couldn’t draw and paint something in that time. One hour later, the rose is painted and I’m off to read more of Matisse’s biography, “Matisse: The Early Years” which I’m so enjoying. I’m up to his early 20s and his association with so many of my favorite artists. Talk about sacrificing for art–these guys lived so frugally and were so poor. For example, when Marquet lost his overcoat it meant going without a coat in the freezing Paris winters for the three years it took to save enough to buy another coat!

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  1. Very beautiful. I could get lost following those subtle contours. I like the warm color of the light passing through the back of the petals. The purple seems to be harmonizing with your title banner, too:)

  2. The rose is gorgeous! The background is a bit too dark for me but it could be that it’s not that dark in real live? Anyway it’s a beautiful piece.

  3. How subtle, beautiful and fresh. Such beauty was worth you getting out in your PJs!!

  4. I think white is one color that is fun to paint. You get to use wonderful tints of reflection color. beautiful rose!

  5. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!! Such soft lines, gorgeous shadings — absolutely perfect!! And to do this after such a day??? BRAVA BRAVA! LOVE IT, Jana!

  6. Jana, How wonderful this Rose is even if you had to go out in your’e jammiesLol. Ive been trying to paint a rose in wc for ever it seems. Still havent got the hang of it as of yet. Ive read books and I cant seem to find a video that has good details. But looking at this makes me more determine to keep on going. Do you know of any videos that are good for roses?
    Have a good day.

  7. Beautiful! Your sketchblog is a daily treat.

  8. This is truly enchanting.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  9. Wow, Jana, that’s just beautiful…so gentle, peaceful, alive. I’ve just had a quick skim through so will be back when I get more time to have a closer, longer look.

    Thanks for visiting!

  10. Oooh love this Jana. The colours are so sublte. Beautiful.

  11. flowers truly are your forte! just beautiful, I can feel the softness of the petals.

  12. I’m with the others! THe description of running out in your jammies is as yummy as your beautiful rose.

  13. It’s a fabulous piece. The shadows, highlights and the whorls captured beautifully. great work!

  14. The contrast in this piece is so crisp, so fresh.

  15. Jana, this is stunning. just simply beautiful, calm, peaceful. wow. and it sounds like doing art energized you after a hard day — isn’t that great?!

  16. Absolutely stunning and gorgeous!! I struggle with painting white and you have made it look effortless! I love love love this rose.

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