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Nightfall in my backyard


The light oval thing isn’t a flying saucer or the moon. It’s a domed skylight on the roof of a nearby building. I started drawing with ink but realized there wasn’t time–the light was going fast so I went directly to watercolors and painted as quickly as I could, in a small watercolor Moleskine notebook, racing the disappearing light.

I had trouble picking a subject to paint tonight. I’d recently bought a Fabriano Artists Journal filled with lovely colored paper perfect for colored pencils, inspired by this drawing and this one by Terri C. on her blog Painted Daisies and decided to give it a try. After a couple minutes I realized I’m just not a colored pencil person–I like the juice and flow of watercolor.

I tried finishing a painting of grapes in a glass bowl I’d started in a demonstration for my class but didn’t feel like painting from a photo. Then I looked out the window and saw bushes and trees silouhetted against the fading light I remembered these wonderful night paintings (to see them click here and here and here and here) by Allison on her amazing blog, 5 K Radius. So I tried doing my own night sketch looking through the window, not outside on a walk like Allison does, since my painting group was here and I didn’t want to miss any interesting conversations by going outside.

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This has great mood – it feels as though something will appear out of the darkened thicket – it’s amazing how quickly the light goes isn’t it – and thank you for crediting my blog so enthusiastically


Thanks for plug Jana, but don’t give up on them yet! They are fun but I find they really work well on small controlled subjects. Also, I find myself being drawn to watercolor more and more thanks to artists like you!!

You did a good job on this difficult subject!


This is really different, i like it a lot, an interesting tone, really captures the evening, though i’m scared of there being spiders in that night garden, and i don’t like spiders…


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