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Hydrangeas again – hello, goodbye

Hydrangeas new

Well, the hydrangeas I drew and wrote about last week sadly didn’t survive being uprooted and stuck in the ground with maybe a wee bit too much fertilizer (Marsha read the instructions too quickly and poured in about 1 cup of fertilizer but what the box really said was 1 cup for an area 3 feet by 3 feet and the hole was only 1 foot by 1 foot).

Hydrangea dead

So I tossed ’em and bought 3 shiny new ones. The garden store guy said to dig out the overly-fertilized soil and toss it too…onto some other worthy plants in the garden that could use a little fertilizer…and then add back some nice new soil. So the new hydrangeas are all tucked into their cozy beds with new soil and water and the old ones are in the green recyling bin, awaiting their next life as compost. Birth, death, dirt, birth….it’s one big circle and appropriate thoughts on this day, my BIRTHDAY!!!!

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Happy belated birthday Jana.
Once you get the new hydrangeas going you can start new ones from cuttings. I have done this with several bush type plants.
I’m starting a compost pile now with all my garden waste now that I have room to do it.
love your sketches.


Happy Birthday, Jana!

Your ink and watercolour sketches are wonderful! I really like your style. I also like some of your paintings, too. Which is your favourite medium to use?


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