Citrus (old lemon)

Watercolor on Arches paper, 10×8″. To enlarge, click image, select All Sizes

I hadn’t planned on doing Illustration Friday today but when I saw that the topic was Citrus I remembered the giant old lemon from a co-worker’s tree that’s been in my fridge for a week. I’ve been squeezing it on veges and into salad dressings and it was still going strong, though a bit squished. I’m not sure how this rendition ended up being so not-lemon colored. I should have stopped painting sooner though I like the way the little scalloped plate turned out. Too bad the topic isn’t little blue plates.

Last night a combination of back pain and a prank caller ringing my phone five times made for a bad night. This morning I called the number back (thanks to good old caller id) and told off the guy whose house it was. Apparently it was a 10 year old girl fooling around with the phone (but why was she up phoning me at 2:30, 3:30, 5:30, 6:30, and 7:30?). I’ve now blocked their number in case she tries again! Argh! I’m off to try for a better night’s sleep.

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  1. i love this Jana! the blue plate is saweeeeeet!

  2. Great work Jana, the colors are stunning and there is some more good juice left in this lemon!
    Hope you’ll feel refreshed after a good night’s sleep!

  3. Sorry to hear about the back and the brat.
    Jana, I was tagged to list 7 art blogs and 7 facts about myself and I have now tagged you.The deal is you list 7 art blogs you like, with their links;leave the instructions in their comments pages and link to my blog.
    I hope you’ll find time to play.

  4. Lovely, you can really feel that squashed in side – that can’t have been easy to render!

  5. Goodness! Love the colors and the squished feeling to the lemon!!

  6. I love the plate; lemon looks slightly used but still servicable. Gawd, I would have been irrate about the caller!!!

  7. When I saw the subject this week, I immediately thought of you and your lemon study a few months back… this lemon has a lot of charecter!

  8. I do hope your back is feeling better, and brava for tackling the phone call problem head on!
    This lemon is wonderful, just the way they look when they have been squeezed like that. It’s not allowed in my house because I like a slice of lemon in my tea. Round lemon ;)

  9. I have one of thsoe in my pantry, too. :)

  10. WONDERFUL COLORS, FORM AND SHAPE, JANA!! LOVE IT!!! I have a number of those in my refrigerator too!

  11. Gosh, what a perfectly leathery lemon on a vibrant blue plate! This has so much character, like an actor or actress past prime, with lots yet to give. Wonderful, Jana.

  12. You really have caught the old leathery feel, and that is my favourite blue.

  13. Perfect how you caught the leathery and old look.

    BTW: You have been tagged. To check it out have a look at my blog!

  14. That’s great! Wonderful rendering and story. :)

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