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Butterfly at Blake Gardens

Butterfly watercolor

Watercolor on Arches paper, 11 x 7.5″ (with a touch of white gouache on antennae)
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Buttefly photo

(Above) Reference photo I took on Thursday at Blake Gardens.

I have two more days of vacation left and finally I’m really ready to paint. I’ve sorted out the images I want to work from and have some ideas how I want to approach them. This first image seemed to call for watercolor and it felt good to get back to paint again tonight.

But unfortunately today mostly got lost to errands, paperwork and monitor calibration again when I called the company who makes the Eye One calibration tool I bought because of some continuing problems I was having. Their tech support was superb and the patient and intelligent gentleman I spoke to uncovered a number of problems I’d created by messing around with stuff I shouldn’t have been messing with. He helped me undo my mistakes, got everything working properly, and helped me to understand more about the concept of color management.

Now it’s back to managing REAL color on the end of a paintbrush. I’m not panicking too badly about the end of vacation because I only go back to work for one day (Thursday) and then I’m off again for my usual 3 1/2 day weekend.

5 replies on “Butterfly at Blake Gardens”

Glad you are getting to relax enough to do a little painting. This is lovely! At least going to work for one day first before the longer haul, helps get you back into the swing of things.


BEAUTIFUL, Jana! Fresh and lively!!! I’m finally seeing some butterflies here too … seems the drought has been hard on them. Only 2 more days??? DRATS! IT goes far too fast!! ENJOY the rest of your time!!!


Lovely! You have to take more vacation, that’s all. Now you know how long it takes you to wind down. And there’s a “wind up” time, too. You’ve got to allow enough time to do both, with some fun time in between!


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