Drawn in pencil, scanned, inked & colored in Painter digitally
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After a few weeks of being too busy to participate in Illustration Friday, I’m excited that I was able to play again. The topic is “Clear” and I had several ideas: the plastic replicas of a man and woman whose internal organs are visible through their clear plastic “skin” that I had as a kid, a clearcut forest, a bottle of liquid with sediment that is settling until the liquid is clear, a woman with a clear mind and a not-clear mind, but I when I started doodling around with this one, clear (the table) it was the most fun to draw so that’s the one I picked.

Half way through, Painter did another one of its bloop–magic–everything is now gray, too bad–tricks. One minute everything was fine, everything but the line drawing was completely gray and I couldn’t figure out how to fix it. Finally I tried opening a new file and copying and pasting the two layers I needed into it and it worked. Painter is the most unstable program I’ve used in many years. At least I’ve learned to save every couple minutes. If it wasn’t so late I’d go in and clean up some fuzzy edges but it’s good enough and I’m off to bed.

Cartoon art, Illustration Friday

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  1. Cute and clever and so happy to see you back having fun on IF.

  2. great idea. he looks like he’s in a hurry. time to go home? havent seen another along these lines.

  3. ever since my friend got me a lightpen, knowing that i’d use it well, i’ve been a little intimidated by it, and i realised the reason is because i use Painter, which is as you say totally unstable. I am going to invest in something better, and I used to use photoshop back in england to make cartoon animations. You always seem to get good results out of Painter at least, so maybe I will go back to the wacom and give it another shot.
    This looks like me when i used to be a waiter for all those years (though i have no earring!).

  4. My favourite part is the chairs. Maybe because they are a little wonky. Nice illustration!

  5. Welcome back! Very clever take on the topic…:-)

  6. This is deceptively simple…and then all the fun details start to appear. The crazy chairs, his spiked hair, the dishes that seem to be bouncing, the crumbs on the table, his earring. The colors are perfect…I feel as if i’ve seen this retsaurant and kitchen door many times before in “real life.” The shading is great, too. I might have mentioned that I got painter in a software bundle, but have only tried it a couple of times. I found it really difficult, so I take my virtual hat off to you! Well done!

  7. Nice…great line weight and action. You get the impression that he just might fall with those dishes!

  8. This is great, Jana! I have been stuck on the topic. Just can’t seem to form a “clear” picture of what I want to draw…

  9. Great illustration!

  10. So cute! Clearing the dishes…

    I’ve not been around on IF either. Glad to have you back and to be back!

  11. I love the detail in this piece. Your line work is also really unique. I also like the way you’ve shaded the chalkboard, it looks like it was just wiped with a wet cloth!

  12. Good one…great style!!

  13. I like the oblique angle in the bottom one best — but without the wood-panelled background. I actually like the texture and detail in that tablecloth a lot!

    I want to purchase/play with oil paint again. It’s been so long! Next summer, if I’ve made enough money, I’ll do just that and paint with the windows wide open!

    Thanks for the mention, Jana. This is an awesome post!

  14. Great idea for clear! I like iT!

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