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Wet Canvas Weekend Drawing Event for 5/26

For this week's Wet Canvas 2-hour drawing or painting challenge they posted photos from the Virgin Islands. I picked this photo of a guy named Jupiter. It was a challenge to paint it in the assigned two hours since I would normally work much more slowly. It took 2 hours to paint and then another hour to try to get a decent digital image of the painting. I finally gave up and used this one, even though the color isn't accurate– the painting doesn't have the dark blue area on his face. (…continued below)


I also tried doing the painting in Photoshop using digital brushes and digital paint. It was way too easy. I asked myself this question: If I could quickly turn out beautiful watercolors by doing it digitally would I want to, and the answer was "No." I enjoy the challenge, the deep seeing, mixing the colors, moving the paint and water around, seeing it puddle and flow. Sculpting by lifting the paint, creating illusions of light, depth, texture, shadow. The sensual pleasure of good brushes, good paper, lots of juicy puddles of paint. Or I could spend more time at the computer?

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Lemurs from WDE: A little sketching after days in bed sick

To amuse myself while I've been sick I took my laptop to bed with me and looked at other people's art for inspiration. I found a Weekend Drawing Event on Wet Canvas where a moderator posts a dozen pictures–this weekend of her trip to the zoo in the Netherlands–and members spend 2 hours on a piece and then upload their artwork in any media in response. I was delighted to find a couple of ringtailed lemurs in the photos and did a couple of quick ink and watercolor sketches (below).

Lemurs from the Wet Canvas WDE

It felt so good to do a teeny bit of art again instead of just sleeping, coughing and feeling like crap.