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Still Dreaming…


Dreamt I was at the movies with my blind husband (don’t have one) and another blind man and they were showing off by walking from side to side on the stage being tricky and funny.


Dreamt I created a company called “Subsidiary” that makes devices to make shoulders more comfortable while sleeping.


Dreamt Cody was a kid again and a funny old grandpa was in the kitchen showing him how to eat cereal from those little fold-open cereal boxes.


Dreamt my mom wanted to come live with me but I remembered I had a husband I had to ask first. Then I remembered I wasn’t married anymore but had a roommate (a former friend I don’t see anymore). I asked if she minded and she said she’d inherited a fortune and was going to be buying houses for 13 friends and I wasn’t one of them. Mom was sorting through papers in an envelope marked “Dec 06” that she’d found in her piles of junk stacked around her on her bed.

These are all drawn in ink in my sketchbook, then scanned and colored in Painter.

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Illustration Friday: Sign (on the dotted line)

Illustration Friday

Drawn on paper and digitally colored in Corel Painter

I planned to try to finish two acrylic paintings this weekend but yesterday I spent the day at the San Francisco Sketchcrawl (I’ll post that story and those pics tomorrow) and today I got distracted by this week’s Illustration Friday challenge and this image that word brought to my mind. After tending my roses, getting in some exercise, having lunch and taking a nap in the sun in my backyard, I followed my muse and did this drawing that wanted to come out and play.

Now it’s time for dinner but my lovely neighbors just brought me a beautiful plate of fresh grilled salmon and salad so I don’t have to cook. I can eat and then get to work on those paintings.

Yay! A much needed day of rest and fun!