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Lemurs from WDE: A little sketching after days in bed sick

To amuse myself while I've been sick I took my laptop to bed with me and looked at other people's art for inspiration. I found a Weekend Drawing Event on Wet Canvas where a moderator posts a dozen pictures–this weekend of her trip to the zoo in the Netherlands–and members spend 2 hours on a piece and then upload their artwork in any media in response. I was delighted to find a couple of ringtailed lemurs in the photos and did a couple of quick ink and watercolor sketches (below).

Lemurs from the Wet Canvas WDE

It felt so good to do a teeny bit of art again instead of just sleeping, coughing and feeling like crap.


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Feeling Icky

While I've been sick in bed I've been amusing myself by looking at other people's sketchbook blogs and wishing I had the energy to write and draw too.Other sketchbook artists whose work I enjoyed visiting were Karen Winters and Russel Stulter.