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Lake Merritt Gooslings

I know it's supposed to be goslings, but I like gooslings better–better describes these little fuzzballs. It's so much nicer to get out for a walk around the lake at lunch instead of sitting in my office looking out the window at the lake and seeing the little ant-like people out there enjoying themselves while I'm working, working, working. 


Drawing Sketchbook Pages Watercolor

Watercolor and Golf (!?)

I took a watercolor workshop Saturday at the California Watercolor Association's storefront in the luxurious but ghost-town like Blackhawk Mall. Blackhawk is in a very snooty, upscale suburban area, full of pretentious identical McMansions, all with lush landscaping (requiring major irrigation in this hot, dry area) against a backdrop of arid, golden hills. There was an art show on display in the front room and half the paintings had been awarded big green ribbons which made me think of the green golf course lawns and the similarities between golfing and painting in watercolor.


Like golf (which I admit I've never played except for peewee golf as a kid) there are skills and techniques and equipment to learn, some body parts

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Calves and Kid – Weekend Drawing Event for 6/2/06

Here's this week's entry to the Wet Canvas Weekend Drawing Event. The photos this week were from a South Dakota farm. I changed the composition a bit–adding an extra calf and a bale of hay and then did a quick ink and watercolor sketch. Calves-N-Kid

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Illustration Friday: Portrait

I did this today while I was sitting under the hair dryer at Circle Salon in Kensington waiting for my hair to turn bright copper red. Julie said my picture makes me look much older than I really am, but that's because I got so interested in all the lines and wrinkles when I was drawing. Then she got annoyed because she was ready to wash the dye out of my hair and move on to her next client but I wasn't finished with my drawing. So she took away the mirror I was using. I love drawing! I love my red hair too!


Here's the photo I took of myself under the dryer. I guess the good news is I don't look as bad as the painting, but the bad news is the painting doesn't look as good as the photo.

Hairdye real photo

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Noontime Siesta by Lake Merritt

Irisa and I were taking a brisk lunchtime walk around Lake Merritt. These Oakland civil servants were having a little siesta under a tree by the bird sanctuary while some local residents looked on.